Five to One and One to Five

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Try this form, if you dare!

Submitted: May 04, 2012

A A A | A A A

Submitted: May 04, 2012



One to five and five to one

In this form the finished piece will have a total of twelve lines made up of six couplets with five words per line, for a total of 60 words. Each couplet can be any number of sentences. Sounds easy? Don’t worry, it gets more complicated.

Each line is composed of one thru five syllable words, in order. Each couplet must have one line with the order increasing and one line with the order descending. This leaves two choices for your couplets Which I’ll represent here as A & B: A = 1 thru 5 then 5 thru 1 and B = 5 thru 1 then 1 thru 5. In other words, if the first line increases (syllable count) the second line will decrease (syllable count- per word in your couplets) or if the first line decreases the second will increase. Each line ends up with 15 syllables for a total of 180.

Here is an example of an “A” couplet (as you speak each number count the syllables):

First line = 1-7-11-27-101 Second line = 2009-67-43-15-8

a “B” couplet is simply lines one and two reversed.

You can mix or match either choice however you choose (each column represents your six couplets):

A B A B A B A B B… The variables are

A B B A A B B BA … nearly endless.

A B A B A B B A B …

A B B A B A B A B …

A B A B B A A A B …

A B B A B A A B A …

When doing this form I am reminded of doing alliteration because it’s basically a way of putting together words which are found to fit a criteria.

The hardest words to find (obviously) will be the five syllable words but don’t be discouraged some words have eight syllables, like Unintelligibility. The King is Antidisestablishmentarianism (12).

Five to One

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