Love is a no matter what

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A short essay on why love is something that should not be linked with a "because"'s more on a "No matter what."

Submitted: July 03, 2014

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Submitted: July 03, 2014



There are questions that will require you an answer that will begin with the word “because” such as asking all the possible “Why’s” in the world. Like for instance, a question that is widely and most commonly asked.  “Why do you love me?” and you are starting to compose your sentence in a concrete manner of saying or responding to the question with these words:  “I love you because...” and since I am writing this in a peripheral view of love. I would definitely not begin my sentence or answer the question that will use the word “because”. It is as if you just love the person because of something he or she possesses whether it can be in the physical attributes or any other manly-worldly desires.

What then could be the best way to answer such questions? Asking someone “Why do you love me?” perhaps as for me, who had I may say based from introspection and self assessment, had loved or is loving someone at this very moment would answer the question in this manner... “I don’t know why exactly I love you but I know to myself that no matter what happens for any possible causes and reasons there may be... I simply love you, no matter what you are or who you are, no matter how inconsiderate and rude you become, still, I love you. No matter how hurt and tired I will get and will become, I will stay by your side.  No matter how much heartaches and tears I will shed for you, I will love you now and always.

Love is a no matter what, it does not lead you to prove and give any evident reason or answer to say you love a person by answering it with a “because”. Love is more on not finding and knowing why you really love, it is more on just showing the person how much you love him, and how much you are able to sacrifice for that person. Love is more on not having a concrete answer or proof. Love is just the act of losing our senses, doing the things we do not realize we can actually do, saying the words we never thought we could think of. Love is basically more on being “clueless” the “in any case”. Love does not mean to simply “give reason for that” or becoming the “basis of something.”

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