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A collection of assorted sayings, which are not necessarily related, which may be updated, whenever (any time).

Submitted: September 08, 2012

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Submitted: September 08, 2012



The word "go" has about 43 definitions (Mirriam-Webster) and is the "winner" for most definitions (I believe) Any personal favorites? (Q&A/shifting meanings)

Ignorance has no guise, of it's own.

I dupe, myself. (shifting meanings)

Absolutes always fail. (absolutely)

Shifting favourites, in any catagory, compunctuates.

Aug 15th (observed) for Assumtion: commemorating the Virgin Mary.

Acceptance is now accepting.

Transformation is the signal at which something has been reached in it's "whole" state; otherwise its a question of balance.

Unspoken laws, usually, involve ethics.

I've got nothing to prove, only improve.

Uncomplicated does not guarantee easy.

Perhaps, blame is best served by scapegoats. (shifting meanings)

Forgiveness, at first, is best practiced within.

The very antithesis of a thing is also it's compliment. (even if 0, all things have one)

The atithesis of 0 is everything.

We have time, God does not. (shifting meanings)

People do not resist change, they resist being changed. (fortune cookie sent to my phone)

One cannot escape the paradigm of changes grasp.

The ethics of saying "good bye" involve a societal adhesion quality, hence the "good" part is unnecessary but the only one allowed with "bye", as an accepted fairwell.(unspoken laws)

Masters of four: Seasons, directions, squares, cards...

I'll be fed through a chicken hose, blind folded.(exasperation)

The more respect a person has for him/her self, the less is required from others.

The mechanisms to understanding are unknown even to knowledge.

Any reasons why all knowledge is connected and more akin to a path than to anything else, aid self-awareness.

It should go without saying that the desire for a better world is not a selfish one.

How are limits equal to creativity? When there are none.

When zero has nothing to represent but itself, it becomes everything.

When authority becomes more than the idea behind a dictionary; dangerous territory has been reached.

Time, is the great back-seat driver to life.

Now (always) = itself

The principle of principality works by being the foremost idea/use behind something.

For a laugh, tell a salesperson that it's not a good idea to mix bussiness with pleasure, right after they say, "It's been a pleasure doing bussiness with you".

Niether time nor energy have any idea about being saved.

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