The Nursery Story

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a small journey

Submitted: November 15, 2009

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Submitted: November 15, 2009




Starlight, star bright; who will be the brightest star to shine for me tonight?

The first star that I thought I saw, last night, was the Itsy Bitsy Spider,crawling up the pipe.

Down came the rain and washed our sorrows away.

It was at that moment that I realized that I had to look elswhere to find my shiny star.

I looked up, down, back and forth, all around really, when I realized that looking alone was not going to fill the bill.

My poetry doesn't necessarily have to rhyme but that doesn't stop me from looking all of the time.

So I looked, not really knowing what I would find, when the looking grew tired and that's when I found that the things that I needed were surrounding me all of the time.

At this moment, I could call it quits but I don't because I think that I may have found something.

Only what it is, seems to be the question.

Where do we go from here? is a comment I've often heard, but if we are going nowhere, how could we be going anywhere at all?

Why don't we ask the Itsy Bitsy Spider? was something that I thought,because to answer the eternal question, was paramount in my mind.

Well, the Itsy Bitsy Spider was nowhere to be found; perhaps the water spout had washed him down, again.

It was at this time when who do you think would appear?

Why Mother Goose of all people, suddenly showed up to shed us all a tear.

She told me about her sister, good Old Mother Hubbard, was her name.

I heard that all of her cubbards were bare and she had little space to spare.

I began to grow very weary by this time because I too began to feel the need of knowing what is mine.

Just when I thought that all was lost, the craziest thing happened when I met Peter Piper and he told me that his brothers name was Pied.

Then, suddenly out of nowhere, guess who I found?

It was Humpty Dumpty himself sitting on a wall.

Well, he didn't fall at all, he was actually pushed and when I searched through the pieces, I didn't know where to start.

When no king's horses or men showed up, I tried to put him back together myself again.

At last the mission was futile, as I could plainly see, Humpty was still incoherent although he could hear and speak.

My heart was broken like his because I cared about Humpty Dumpty.

As I tried to find his assailant the next thing happened pretty quick.

I stumbled over a candle stick and that's when I met Jack.

Jack said, "look at the moon, it appears to be full and there's a cow trying to jump over it. don't you think that's cool?"

"No", I said, "this is the last straw".

Having come to this point, I really couldn't think at all.

When I saw Mary having a little lamb, I figured that this must be the Lamb of God.

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