What would I change about government?

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Written as an assignment for government class (sophmore)

Submitted: May 27, 2010

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Submitted: May 27, 2010




As it happened one day, I woke up to find myself dreaming. I was just walking along, minding my own business when I stubbed my toe on something in the sand. I was somewhere back East, really back East, like the Middle East, so I reached down and discovered this metallic object and when I brushed it off it began to grow and change shape. It got so heavy that I had to let go of it and the next thing I knew, there was this Genie, floating, right there before me. He said that he could grant me the power to change one thing about my Government.
Well, there had always been things that I would like to have changed about our Government. I would like to see more of the people involved, in a more educated way. Expose some of the massive corruption going on, right in front of the manipulated minds of the people.
With some cleverly designed fear tactics, the vast majority of people can be easily led astray from what is really going on and thereby conditioned to believe and react in certain ways which inevitably benefit the power hungry manipulators. The 911 hi-jackers were U.S. militarily trained, brought here under circumspect conditions. Was it merely coincidence that all of our teams, who were in place to respond to such an event as a terrorist attack, were out training for just such an event (terrorist attack) while the actual event took place? Evidence shows that we knew about Pearl Harbor before it took place but nothing was done because that event secured our involvement in that war.
Are we the doctors who merely pick at scabs? But, I digress. My initial idea for a change would involve mandatory voting. We all cast a vote or get penalized for not voting. I believe that this would
Have an enormous, energizing effect upon the whole system as more people would seek more involved choices in how our nation is run. If a person has to vote, that person would be more inclined to look into the issues. Also, with more people voting there would be a bigger push to capture their votes. We have to pay taxes, how come we don’t have to vote?
I decided to speak with some of my friends about the subject. One suggested that the electoral vote would need to be done away with. The peoples vote would certainly count for more then. I liked this idea while another friend’s idea didn’t seem so realistic. He would do away with the two party systems. Perhaps this would give guys like Perot or Ralph Nader a fighting chance but dismantling such a system might leave too many holes.
I finally came to the conclusion that this was my wish and when I took a personal view of issues, I decided that the biggest sore thumb sticking out on our nation’s consciousness is this so called war on Iraq, soon to be levied in Iran. The taxpayers are footing the bill for this ridiculous amount of spending that’s going on. What have we got to show for the billions being spent? Are we more secure now? All I can see is that we’re over there, simply getting people more and more riled up. Arresting innocent civilians, who often don’t even have guns, is disrespectful of a proud people. They have more reason than ever to commit acts of terrorism, in the face of this disgrace.
As I was pondering the war situation, an idea came to me; the one thing that I would like to change about our Government is its integrity. With one fell swoop, all wrongs would be righted. We could start turning an eye to our planet, which has been ravished. Bio-fuels, wind and solar power are things which we can develop, to secure a place on the world for future generations to come.
These natural resources can and should have been developed ages ago; all that was lacking was some integrity. Our troops don’t need more weapons. We are the ones with the weapons of mass destruction. Even if we were able to cut the military spending in half, we would still be wallowing in untold amounts of dirty money.
If all aspects of our Government were suddenly infused with integrity, it may create some sort of massive implosion, like a Red Giant becoming a black hole, but I would be willing to take my chances.

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