Kilo And The Tooth Fairy

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Its about a dog named Kilo who looses a tooth, His friends Misty and Princess Tell him about the tooth fairy

Submitted: February 03, 2012

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Submitted: February 03, 2012




 Kilo And The Tooth Fairy


Once Upon a time there was a little dog called Kilo, He was a mischievous little puppy who loved nothing more than his food and his best friends Misty & Princess.


One day Kilo was playing with his favourite toy Mr snuggles,






“OUCH!” Kilo screeched,
Misty came running over

“What’s the matter” she said,
“I Think I’ve lost a tooth” He said rubbing his mouth
“Hi” it was Princess
Oh what’s happened here? She said frowning.
“Kilos lost a tooth”







“Oh Dear, Put it under your pillow tonight and the tooth fairy will come and give you a shiny coin” Princess said patting him on the back.

So that night Kilo put his tooth under his pillow, hoping to wake up when the tooth fairy came, Kilo slowly drifted off.







As he opened his eyes he saw Misty and Princess peering over him, it was morning he had missed her,

“Silly sausage you slept all night” they laughed,

Kilo looked under his pillow
“WOW look at this” he said showing them the coin she left.

“Look how shiny it is! I hope I loose a tooth soon” Princess gasped

“Silly Princess” Kilo and Misty laughed.


The End.


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