Lil' Rusty Windmill

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Even an old windmill is important.

Submitted: September 13, 2012

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Submitted: September 13, 2012




Lil' Rusty Windmill

By Don Gettys

Long ago there was a farmer who came to the beautiful, open fields of the countryside to grow food for his family. His pretty wife and little family loved the pretty fields and all of the farm animals that helped him. Then came a time when it didn't rain for a long, long, time.


“Well”, said the farmer, “I'd best dig us a well!”


So he dug a big hole until he reached the water. He needed to water his wheat and his corn, but carrying it by hand was too hard.


“Well”, said the farmer, “I'd best build me a windmill!”


One day a wagon filled with poles and pieces of metal arrived at the farm, and before you know it the farmer had built a shiny windmill that would spin with the wind and bring up the water for the farmers thirsty family, thirsty animals, and his thirsty crops. Things were as they should be. The farmer and his family lived there for a long, long, time. Their children grew and moved to the city. After a while the farmer and his wife moved away too, leaving the farm and his windmill behind.


Time moved on. Days became weeks and weeks became years. The windmill was alone. After a long time he thought that he wasn't needed anymore. He went to sleep. For a long, long time.



One day, not too long ago, something began to change around the old farm. First, some workers came and put in a new road. This road wasn't for the old wagons, it was for shiny cars and big trucks. People began to wander around the old farm with tools and maps. Something was going on!


“ Would you look at that!” said one of the ladies working around the windmill. “ That's a cute windmill”

A man with her laughed, “That thing? It's a little rusty windmill! It's good for nothing! We oughta tear it down!”


The lady frowned at the man and went about her work.


The little windmill was very sad now. Nobody needed him.


He watched the workers every day. Trucks came and went on the new road. They brought giant poles and giant pieces of metal and the workers would take them off of the trucks. He watched the lady worker that the others called Judy and saw that she worked really hard. Sometimes hardest of all. He really liked her. She was nice to everybody.

One day he knew what they were building! They were windmills! But these were like none he had seen before. They were big. Very, very, big! When they were built the giant windmills began to spin. They were different in another way too. They weren't used for water. They made electricity. Wires carried the electricity all the way to the city! But they needed more that one windmill. They needed more than ten windmills. They needed a hundred giant windmills, and they had just started building them.



“Look at that little rusty old windmill!”, said the giant windmill next to him.” You're too tiny to do anything!” He laughed at the little windmill. The little windmill grew sadder still. Even though he was with other windmills, he felt lonely.


One day, just like long ago, the rain stopped. It stopped for a long time. People near and far were starting to get very thirsty. The workers were thirstiest of all.


One day one of the men was talking to the lady called Judy. “If we don't get some rain soon, we're going to have to stop building windmills. People need the electricity, but without more water for our men to drink we'll have to stop.”


“ But there must be something we can do!” said Judy.


She took a little walk and sat down on the ground. It made her so sad that they couldn't help the people in the city. But what could be done? Then she saw it.

“Oh my.” she smiled. She got a few friends together and they went to work. They weren't building a giant new windmill. They were cleaning up the old windmill! They gave him new blades. They gave him shiny new poles to make him strong. They fixed him. They fixed him just like new!


After a few days Judy was looking at the shiny windmill and watching the wind spinning the blades. The spinning blades pumped deep in the well bringing up lots and lots of water. The thirsty workers now had something cool and fresh to drink. Right away they began to build giant windmills again.

The workers were happy.


The giant windmills were very happy too! “Thank you Lil' Rusty Windmill. We were wrong about you. Will you be our friend?”


Judy was now finished with her work. She took a drink of cool refreshing water, “ Thank you Lil' Rusty Windmill. You saved us all!” The little rusty windmill was very, very, happy.



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