Little miss selfish

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A take on the Mr/Little Miss stories for around age 10

Submitted: June 15, 2012

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Submitted: June 15, 2012




Little miss selfish.

Little miss selfish lived on her own in a big house on the edge of self city. She had recently considered buying a dog but she knew that it would take up too much of her precious time. She did however have a kitten which, of course, she named after herself, the kitten was okay because it could play by itself so little miss selfish only had to play with it when SHE wanted to. Our story starts on a cold morning at the beginning of autumn. Little miss selfish loved autumn as all the trees looked beautiful with their red, orange and yellow leaves. It started off like any other day, little miss selfish got up and did her hair and makeup which took the usual two hours as everything had to be perfect to ensure all eyes were on her and no one else. She then went to the wardrobe to pick her outfit for the day. Little miss selfish had an abundance of clothes as she never spent her money on anyone else so consequently she takes twice as long as the average person to choose her outfit.

After she’s decided on the outfit for the day little miss selfish went down stairs and got herself a bowl of cereal and sat down. The kitten was meowing and brushing around her legs as little miss selfish hadn’t yet fed her. I wish that she’d just shut up, I’ll feed her when I get back. I’m too busy right now. The kitten didn’t stop meowing though all she wanted was a little bit of food! “Oh I’ve had enough of this!” Little miss selfish exclaimed as she picked the kitten up and shut her outside “You’re a cat go catch a mouse or something.” The kitten however was too young to know how to go and catch a mouse so she sat outside the door meowing. After she had finished her breakfast little miss selfish left her bowl on side as she couldn’t be bothered to wash up. She picked up her bag and set off for the day. When she opened the door to leave the kitten slipped back inside the house.

Little miss selfish set off into town to buy herself a new scarf and maybe a collar for the kitten. On her way she saw Mr. Considerate who stopped to ask how she was “Why I’m very good” she replied as she continued on her way, she didn’t even think about saying thank you for asking after all people should want to know how she was and why she should ask him how he was? She didn’t care. When she got to her favourite shop, which funnily enough was called ‘Me, me, me’. She had a look around and saw a beautiful scarf full of autumn colours. She had only been planning on buying a scarf but when she saw the mittens to match little miss selfish just knew she had to have them! However she didn’t have enough to buy the kitten a new collar AND the mittens. Well I’ll just buy her one next week. She doesn’t NEED one. So with that little miss selfish took her items to the counter, paid for them and set off back home. I know little miss selfish thought I’ll walk back through the park so I can see all the trees. While she was walking little miss selfish saw all the children running round and playing in all the leaves. As she was watching them little miss selfish saw one of the little girls slip and fall on the floor. She thought about stopping to help her up and see if she was okay but then decided against it after all she knew someone else would do it and she didn’t want to walk through the damp leaves and ruin her boots.

When she got home little miss selfish walked into the kitchen to get herself a drink, when she walked in she froze in shock. While she had been gone the kitten had jumped on the side to drink the leftover milk from the cereal bowl as she’s had nothing to eat. While she had been drinking it the kitten had accidently knocked the bowl off the side splattering milk everywhere and leaving the bowl in pieces. Little miss selfish set off looking for the kitten round the house she finally found her in little miss selfish’s bedroom. Little miss selfish couldn’t believe her eyes, the kitten being bored and upset that little miss selfish hadn’t fed her had sneaked into her room and scratched her favourite dress up with her claws! The dress had been laid on the bed as little miss selfish had been planning on wearing it to a party that night. Little miss selfish burst into tears “You stupid cat! Why on earth would you do that? That’s it I don’t want you anymore!” And with that little miss selfish picked the kitten up and chucked her out the kitchen door. It was raining outside, so the little kitten ran to the park to hide under one of the benches. She hadn’t meant to make little miss selfish that mad, she just wanted her to pay attention to her! So with that the kitten curled into a ball meowing softly and wished she was at home with little miss selfish.

Little miss selfish was so angry with her kitten. How could she do that to me? I don’t want to see her ever again. She picked up what remained of her beautiful dress and put it in the bin. “Great. Now what am I going to wear?!” she asked herself. She went to her wardrobe and as she got there she realised she really did have a ridiculous amount of clothes. Perhaps I could give some to charity she thought looking through them no that’s a silly idea. It’s not MY fault if they don’t have enough money to buy normal clothes. I bought these. And with that she continued sifting through the mass of clothing. Eventually she decided upon a knee length red dress. She curled her hair and tied a red ribbon in it. After doing her makeup she donned her new scarf and gloves, pulled on her shoes and headed to the door. On her way she glanced down and saw the kittens’ empty bowl she paused for a second as she felt an unfamiliar twinge inside her, she shrugged it off and headed off out. Overall little miss perfect thought it was a good night, everybody thought she looked beautiful and danced with her. Just as the night was drawing to a close little miss selfish overheard Mr. Hotty say to one of his friends “She looks stunning as always, it’s just a shame she doesn’t have the personality to match.” When little miss perfect heard this she started to well up, she’d had a crush on Mr. Hotty for a long time, after all who didn’t? And for her to hear what he really thought of her really hurt. It was at that point little miss selfish decided to go home, she bid everyone farewell and set off. By the time she got home little miss selfish had gone over what Mr. Hotty had said a million times and was really upset. She walked in and started looking round for her kitten seeking comfort. Then what she had done earlier hit her. He was right! I’m such a horrible person how could I have done that to my poor kitten. And with that little miss selfish ran outside in the pouring rain in search of her kitten. She ran through the town calling out, her hair was soaked and one of her heels had broke. Mr. Hotty was on his way home from the party when he saw little miss selfish he was shocked, she looked a mess! He walked over and asked her what was wrong. “I’ve lost my kitten” She told him, her voice thick with tears. “I didn’t feed her this morning so she drank the milk from my bowl and broke it and shredded my favourite dress so I kicked her out. You were right I’m a terrible person! What am I going to do” to her surprise Mr. Hotty put an arm round her and hugged her. “Come on. I’ll help you find her.” With that little miss selfish and Mr. Hotty set off in search of the kitten.

Half an hour later they were walking through the park about to give up hope when little miss selfish heard a faint meowing coming from under one of the benches. She ran across and fell on her knees, there soaking wet was her beautiful kitten. She reached out and scooped her up and cuddled her close. “I’m so sorry!” little miss selfish cried into her fur “I’ll never do it again. I promise!” the kitten purred and rubbed her face against little miss selfish’s cheek. Mr. Hotty watched from a few paces away and smiled. Maybe she’s not that bad after all he thought I might ask her out for dinner. And from then on she wasn’t little miss selfish was thoughtful towards everybody, she still slipped up occasionally but people forgave her. After all anything was better than how she used to be!


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