Mary - A Halloween Story

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Resurrection Mary, with a twist.

Submitted: October 04, 2012

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Submitted: October 04, 2012




Mary and Denny were finishing the last of the pizza as they sat on the couch in front of the TV.

“Wow! Is that true?,” Mary asked.

“Supposed to be. You know, it happened right down the road from here.”

She turned to him, “What?”

“Yeah,” Denny continued, “the story of Resurrection Mary happened a couple of miles down Archer. Over by Willow Springs.”

“That's creepy.”she shivered, “So, was she killed after leaving the dance?”

“I guess,” he answered, “but the story gets really interesting when she gets picked up hitch hiking. It's happened more than once supposedly. The guy picks her up, She doesn't say much, but as he drives past Resurrection Cemetery she tells him to stop. Then, she jumps out and runs up to the gate and vanishes!”

Denny leaned close to Mary and spoke in a quiet voice as her expression showed that she was becoming more and more intrigued, and genuinely frightened.

“ He later finds out that she's actually been dead for years. Killed as she was hitchhiking on Archer Avenue.”

She shivered as he finished.

“And...She's still seen out there hitchhiking?”

“To this day... usually near Halloween.” He looked over his shoulder at the wall calendar,” only a couple of weeks away.”

“Stop it. You're trying to scare me!,” she punched his arm.

Denny laughed as he looked in vain for another piece of pizza, and a thought struck him.

“You know what would be funny?”

“What?” she asked dubiously.

“Well, people come out here hoping to see the ghost of Mary hitch-hiking.”

“Yeah, so?”

“Maybe they should see her.


“You,” he looked at her, “You could do it.”


“Yeah,” he explained, “ you find an old prom dress and we go down to where the old Willobrook dance hall was...And you hitch-hike. I'll stay parked somewhere nearby so when someone stops you can run over and we take off.”

“ I don't know...” she mumbled.

“Yeah,” he said, “ I can record it, C'mon, it'll be funny to scare the crap out of a couple of people. That's what Halloween is for.”

“Well,” she eyed him, “I'll think about it.”


The drive from Denny's apartment on 79th Street to the old Willowbrook dance hall was only a few minutes, so they had waited until dusk to leave. As the sun was setting Denny opened the car door for Mary as she struggled with the ruffled skirt to get into the car.

“Man,” he said, “ You look perfect.”

“Yeah,” she smotthed the dress out, “it was my Great Aunt's from the 1930s.”

“ The bright white ought to stick out just right.”

She looked at him, “I',m not too sure about this, it's kind of creepy.”

“Don't you chicken out now. We're just trying to scare some jerks. Most of the people out there tonight are just out-of-towners looking for a thrill. Let's give it to 'em.”

“OK, when you put it like that.”

They drove toward Archer and through the quiet town of Willow Springs, a pretty village built on a hill that sloped down to the old I&M canal. A forest preserve surrounds most of the town giving it the feel of an alpine village. Drastically different than the bungalows of the nearby south west suburbs of Chicago.

“OK,” Denny said as he pulled the car into aq lot near a large building that was emblazoned with a large sign declaring itself as the 'Hall of a Thousand Bargains'.

“ This ought to be good.” He looked around at the layout, “You stand over near the steet light. It's kinda dim so you'll look even more like a ghost.”

Mary began to apply some make-up to whiten her face and then, using a dark shade around her eyes. The final touch was the dark, dark, red lipstick that gave her an appearance of someone who had been dead for a while at least.

“Where will you park?” she asked as she touched up her ghostly countenance.

“I'll be over here watching. If anyone gives you any trouble I'll turn on my lights. I'll be there in a second.”

“OK, see you soon.” she said.

“Yeah,” he smiled, “see you in Hell.”

“Real funny,” she slammed the car door and walked to the barely illuminated spot near the road.”

She smoothed her dress one more time and put out her thumb.

Within minutes a car began to approach. The headlights hit Mary and seemingly her visage had the desired effect. The driver hit the brakes and the car skidded. By the time the car backed up, Mary had hidden from view behind some bushes just off of the road. This pattern continued for a couple of hours, one car after another trying to stop suddenly as Mary would hide nearby.

At about 11:30 Mary returned to the car.

“Let's go,” she said, “This is getting old.”

Denny was beaming, “ I got some great video! Did you see that one guy in the Mercedes? He almost hit a tree! There are probably gonna be a bunch of 'ghost sightings' called into the news tonight!”

“Yeah, I could see his face. He looked freaked out!”

Well,” Denny checked the time, “it's almost midnight. Let's try a couple more then we'll head back to the apartment.”

“OK.” she laughed.

“What?” he asked.

“You're like some pimp for a ghost!”

“ She closed the door and walked to the spot that she'd stood before.

Denny turned on the video and suddenly felt a chill.

“Man,” he said to himself, “The temperature can sure change fast this time of year.”

Mary pulled the thin sweater closed as watched for the next car.

“Brrr, this is too much.” She began to go the car when she saw two headlights coming through the fog that was developing.

“This is too perfect. I'll try one more.”

She waited until the car, or pick-up truck more accurately, would be just in view. She stepped into the light. The truck though, had already begun to slow down. It stopped right next to the spot that she was standing. She looked at the driver. He was maybe 20 and he was as oddly dressed as she was.

She tried to turn and run to Denny and the waiting car, but something, maybe curiosity, kept her from fleeing. The passenger door opened slowly, only after the dorr was open did she realize that the driver hadn't even touched the door. She felt a rush of cold air from the truck.

“How did you do that?” she heard herself say.

“Please,” he spoke in a voice that seemed to be something that she heard yet it was also deep in her mind. “Get in.”

She felt paralyzed with fear yet she slowly began to step to the battered looking truck.

“I.....I don't want to...” she managed to stammer.

“I've come for you,” he 'said'.

'But I don't know you,” She looked at him and saw a very sad looking young man. He had much the same pallor that she did yet he seemed to have a slight glow about him. Maybe some black-light trick. She felt another chill as she sat in the passenger seat. She looked for but found no seat-belts. The truck began to move as the door closed, again...all by itself.

“But....” she stammered, “I can't go anywhere...”


Denny couldn't believe what he was seeing. The truck seemed to come from nowhere. It stopped next to Mary. He put the camera on the dashboard and turned the ignition key.

Rrrrrrrrrr... the car protested.

“Damn!” It wouldn't start...rrrrrrrrr...The pickup truck door opened.

“Oh shit, what the hell....”

Rrrrrrrrrr...vroom!! Iy started. He hit the headlights and saw Mary getting into the truck which then pulled away.

“No...Don't get in!” she couldn't hear him.

“What the Ffffff.” He began driving toward the truck which had entered the roadway.

“Oh shit!” He floored it and followed the truck.


Mary couldn't take her eyes off of the driver.

“Who are you?”

“I can't believe that you don't know. I've waited for you for so long.”

“For me?” Mary began to seriously consider that this guy could be crazy, almost as crazy as she was for getting into the truck.

“Yes Mary.”

“Look my name is Mary but you've got the right one.”

“ Oh yes. That smile. That beautiful dress, there can be no mistake.” He stared straight ahead.

“Look Mister, my boyfriend was watching and he's going to be following us. He'll probably kill you for kidnapping me!”

“I'm taking you home.”

“What,” she screamed at him, “the hell are you talking about? I do NOT know you!”

“A broken heart tends to forget things. Our love is real though. You can't have forgotten that?”

He was still staring coldly. He slowly turned and reached one hand over to touch her hand. A cold, clammy, shiver eminated from the spot he had touched.

“No, wait,” she said, “This can't be!”

“Yes it is. You've waited so long for me. Your wait is over.”

“But...” she suddenly realize that this guy thought that she was really.... “Oh dear lord....”


Denny did his best to keep up. As the truck drove through the wooded area he noticed a stoplight change from yellow to red. The truck wasn't slowing down. He was keeping pace with them and he noticed that they were moving at 60 MPH. The truck was fast approaching the intersection.

“Oh my God!” Denny must have blinked for a moment because in an instant the truck had passed the busy intersection. It looked as if it had actually gone through a car.

“Jesus!”, he screamed, “ This can't be happening!”

As he approached the same intersection he decided that he would have to run the light. Sitting just off of the intersection a police officer saw Denny speeding towards the intersection.

“He's not even slowing down.” the cop mumbled to himself. He radioed in....

“Unit in pursuit of a red, late model Nissan. Over the limit and disobeying traffic signals. Heading north on Archer through Willow Springs.” He flipped on the lights and siren and was fast in pursuit of Denny.

Two cars nearly hit the curb as Denny zipped in front of them, flashing his headlights and honking his horn. In his rear-view mirror he noticed the flashing red and blue lights of the police.

“Never thought that I'd be glad to be chased by a cop.”

The truck was speeding up as it neared another intersection, blowing another red light. Denny did the same, at least this time there was no cross traffic.

The cop was gaining, but he was slowed by another car that entered the intersection after Denny had sped through it. The truck quickly sped out of the small town toward the cemetery ahead.


Mary was terrified.

“Why are you doing this?”, she asked the stranger.

“To end our pain.”

“Mister. You're nuts! Let me out of here right now!”

“Soon...” was all he said.

She looked ahead as the truck was about to blow yet another red light and saw the backed up traffic in the crossway.

“Oh my God!” she screamed and covered her eyes. When she looked they had driven through the intersection.

“Oh....,”she said, “You're not real.”

“I'm as real as eternity.”

“Please, let me go.”

“Relax, You're almost home. You'll never have to wander again....and I'll be with you forever. I'm so sorry that I left you at the dance hall. I've suffered for that. Now...We can both rest.”

She looked ahead and saw Resurrection Cemetery ahead. The truck was swerving towards the gate.

“Slow down,” Mary screamed, “please slow down!”


Denny was catching up to the truck as it blew the last intersection.

“Oh man, this is bad.”

By now the lone police car following Denny had several squad cars joining the chase. He carefully negotiated the last intersection, if that's possible at 60 MPH, as he saw the truck nearing the cemetery gates.

“ He's not stopping!” The truck vanished into the cemetery with a flash of blinding white light. Denny hit his brakes and skidded. His car hit the concrete gate pillar and crumpled. Denny was thrown forward and after feeling a sharp pain blacked out.



Two Cook County Detectives walked towards the hospital room that that was being guarded by a single uniformed officer.

“Is he awake?”

“Yeah,” the cop answered, “He's still babbling that shit about Mary though.”

“Man,” said the taller detective, “ I guess eventually you hear everything.”

They entered the room. Denny lay in the bed his left leg and arm in casts.

“Dennis Anderson?”

“Yes.” he answered, “ Did you find her? I tried to stop him... I chased them...”

“Chased who? The cops didn't see anybody!”

The detectives looked at each other and rolled their eyes.

“Enough bullshit. You're under arrest for the kidnapping and murder of Mary-Ellen Brown. You have a right to remain sil..”

“Damn it! I know my rights. But you've got it all wrong! Did you check the video I made? She's on the recording!”

“We looked at your recording. She's there alright, and then it shuts off and goes blank. You obviously didn't want to tape her murder!”

“No,” Denny begged, “ please.... You've got it all wrong..”

“Well kid,” the stockier detective said, “ Don't worry. Where you're going, everybody's innocent. Just ask 'em!” They laughed.

Denny fell back onto his pillow, tears swelling in his eyes. The TV was on.... Denny could hear...

“So Happy Halloween from Willow Springs, Illinois where there were numerous sightings last night of our most famous ghost, Resurrection Mary. Happy Halloween Mary...Where ever you are!"



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