The Elephant and the Bull Ant

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In the Caribbean they have these "Trickster Tales" that tell how small overcomes My teacher told me to do this in English

Your's truly...Don Vito Corleone.

Submitted: April 24, 2008

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Submitted: April 24, 2008



The Elephant & the Bull Ant


Along time ago there lived many animals, high up the mangroves. The smallest was Bull Ant & the largest was Elephant, but the king was Tiger.

Tiger was bored. He had done everything he wanted to as king. Explore, eat & ease. There was nothing else to do.

 As Tiger wallowed through his brightly-coloured cave he thought hard & he thought long. After about an hour he knew it. “The biggest and the smallest creature will have a fight, and the prize is the heir to my throne” Then Tiger tried to remember who was the biggest & who was the smallest. Afterward he said to himself “ahhh, yes, it is Elephant & Bull Ant, I’ve always wanted to be friends with Elephant in one way or another”

All the other animals started putting up banners between & on trees & commencing the development of the arena.

Bull Ant was disgusted to see that he was forced to fight an animal as preposterously big as Elephant for Tiger’s entertainment. But none do the less, he accepted not to anger Tiger.

Elephant was thrilled & was invited by Tiger that night for dinner, the night before the fight. Elephant ate thrice as much as he should have eaten. Bull Ant saw Elephant walk home that night, he was aware that it would take days to decompose that food even with a stomach like his. Bull Ant began to plot. The morning before the fight, Bull Ant traded all he owned for as much of the best food he could get from the mangroves.

At that time Elephant was having breakfast: 74 kg of fruit & veg. Most people know that Elephant is a glutton, but they keep quite about it to avoid being stomped. Meanwhile Bull Ant had finished trading. Carefully, Bull Ant picked a few leaves of Nightshade & sprinkled them over the food. Bull Ant asked some animals going to the arena to carry the food there, he promised to repay them.

 In the meantime Elephant was waiting in the fighting arena & tussling up the crowd of animals, until Bull Ant arrived, with some other animals carrying a huge feast of fruit, vegetables & fish. Elephant’s prejudice mind thought that the food was an offering of mercy. He pretended to accept & he ate only some of the food before there was a colossal reverberating from his stomach, he had eaten too much & the Nightshade made him pass out.

Tiger couldn’t believe what he was seeing, he couldn’t believe what was happening & most of all, he couldn’t believe that Bull Ant was the rightful heir to his throne. The next morning Elephant died and Bull Ant became prince of the mangroves. The other animals that carried the food were repaid in gold and tobacco.

Moral: Gluttony kills.



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