The Intellectual Gentleman

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Not bad. pardon my french, there are some errors, please enjoy with care.It was never finished.
sorry about my first paragraphs. I am ashamed of them!
Big words, Big dictionary!

Your's truely... Don Vito Corleone.

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Submitted: April 24, 2008

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Submitted: April 24, 2008



The Intellectual Gentleman
The Eye-Catching Adolescent Female. July 4th 2006, 8.00 pm.
Tonight I was interested in a special inn. I approached the entrance; it was called ‘The Pink Elephant night klub’. There were a couple of equipped lookouts just outside. I
Strolled towards the walkway and I saw a receptionist at the bureau. For access I gave 25 dollars. She put a mark on my forearm for unique deeds. I moved to another counter with a bartender and drank several intoxicating fluids they came down hard on me andI needed the lavatory and then I saw her,I thought it was the chaps public bathroom, She screameduntil she witnessed the stamp on my hand, then we had sexual intercourse in a solitary restroom cubical.After that a couple of detectives broke in and bludgeoned the woman

And I, I cursed inadvertently after that I was unconscious, when I arouse, I was stripped I tried to ran away but the detectives arrested me and gave me a curfew to 10 am at confinement.

A Hellish Confinement July 4th 2006, midnight.
I tooka swift peep at my cavity for the hours of darkness. Two durable benches furthermore a physical education building mat with sheets, masquerading as a divan. An inflexible reinforced cement base plus an ineffectual barred window (one of the bars was unfastened). My chamber companion was a muscular, physically powerful brute. At that moment I have stirred him from his snooze. My indication of belief enlightens me that he’s enraged. Subsequently he progressed out of bed as well as he was ready to exterminate me. Miraculously I suddenly realized that in my black outfit there was a firearm along with four rounds of ammunition. It was probably belonged to a detective. As of then I blasted him. The bullet gashed through his innards by my slug started to haemorrhage immediately. He died leaving funnily enough only his cadaver. I propped myself against the wall adorned by a pornography poster. I found myself falling through into an escape tunnel! It was crucial that the body was hidden and rather rapidly. Marvellously the perfect solution had presented itself. So it seemed the unfortunate offender had in fact burrowed his own barrow. Zzzzzzzz!I moaned as soon as the detention centre custodians shouted ‘GET UP, GET UP!!!’ I strode off to the self-service restaurant for provisions, they would provide: prehistoric pulverized potato, arctic rock solid gruel and a mysterious transparent liquid. I accepted my probability with the liquid. I noticed the confinements prohibited medicine trader. I said to a warder if he transferred me 500 dollars I’d inform about something somewhat important, he accepted the transaction. That appalling male was detained for a further 10 years he yelled he would murder me. At last I was released on parole. I caught a minicab which proceeded to my domicile for a mug of welcoming warm coffee.

A Colleague’s Final Night of Liberty, July 5th 2006, 11.00 am.

Not knowing what’s occurred recently I progressed to the newsagent in order to purchase the daily tabloid. I what's more acquired a quantity of confectionery along with a carton of milk. Today’s illustrated laughing square was dreadfully humorous. Back at my dwelling the postman had transferred me mail. It was an invitation to my colleague’s final night of liberty and it was tonight! He and I were employed at the bank as associates. He’s 32 year’s of age, 14 years more undeveloped than me. The social gathering was held at ‘The Swans Hotel ‘. Filled with 1st class cordon bleu cuisine and servants at your every command. The amount of legal tender it cost him was $3250. I leisurely walked into the banquet with fine bone china and various strong beverages. Later on a good number of folks got inebriated and as a consequence shattered chairs and tables next we were penalized $75 for each individual. I didn’t devastate anything whilst I became under the influence I fell sound asleep at the back of the servery. As soon as waken, I sauntered out the front entrance and drove off inside my automobile to my residence.
Dilemma with the Mafia,July 6th 2006, 9.30 am.
As I went to ‘Siciliano’s Bistro ‘my good-humoured buddy Nicky, surprisingly the padrone. Couldn’t afford to pay the Mafia, plus a crooked police force, required him to establish his specific band in the company of several other small businesses. He invited me to be participating in his squad; I responded late at night at the similar time as I was smashed, the reply was yes indeed. Nicky positioned a number of relations within that Mafia group, in the role of secret agents to purloin handguns, rifles; machine guns, bullets and gunpowder intended for the street hostility, two were gunshot in the assignment. The Mafia hadn’t a clue that we were going to surround there refuge with arms at 11.00 pm together with a couple hundred men. Fortunately I was given a machine gun. Nicky shouted fire and it made a blast more deafening than a jet-aeroplane. It destroyed the construction and everything within it in addition to massacring those felons. Today regulation and stability was transported to the municipality of Dangy.
Robing a Bank, July 8th 2006, 10.00 am.
This sunrise I awaken to come across a note revealing that I merely had $1600 in my financial credit since of my delinquency. I was exceptionally outraged and I choose to rob a bank of $5000000 with my posse. They worked for the oat stocks of South Carolina. Number 1 youngster is a 26 year old called: Melville. H. Woodsworth, a disruptive however sophisticated fellow, blond hair moreover a moustache together with a tie. Number 2 partner is: Jonathan .G.Y. Mavis, a shady capitalist in the midst of brown hair along with tinted lenses. Number 3 associate is: Benjamin .D. Bambooey, a homosexual African-American together with sapphire eyes plus a Bolar hat. I travelled to Nicky’s accommodation in favour of loaning the some firepower and everything else residual since the conflict hostile to the Mafia. He approved me to borrow his gear; he accompanied me to his garage where he set his weapons and I placed them on an articulated vehicle to my petite manor. I carried the collaborators over from South Carolina arranged on a substandard plane journey. Once they landed we had a discussion approximately how we were going to accomplish the objective. We finally settled on to fulfil the goal at the banks earliest opening hours, anybody who doesn’t cooperate is to be executed by the revolver. We came into the currency investment foundation amid are disguise, none of the accountants lended us a hand to complete are aim, therefore we shot one to demonstrate we mean business. They started to impart, followed by we emptied the bank of there supply and got away in a stolen van. We drove of in the direction of a little bungalow of mine 60 miles into the rural region. Over there we split the wealth what's more had a magnificent luncheon prepared by a minor number of Mexican house keepers. We resided there an extra night. Afterwards I dropped my mob and there belongings off by the side of the aerodrome. Back by Dangy I took satisfaction in an expenditure extravaganza.
Expenditure Extravaganza, July 15th 2006, 4.15 pm.
Firstly I headed for the jewellery store; there I bought two red ruby rings meant for both hands, four bracelets completed from one hundred per cent gold in addition a green emerald for my chum Nicky. I stepped out of the construction and at that moment I saw someone recognizable stride along the avenue it was my 3rd spouse: Charlotte .K. Annabel, bitch/whore/ ex- wife. We married in a casino’s chapel at Las Vegas, the relationship endured 4 months. At that time she cheated on me with a brawny ruffian. There and then I clobbered her in the face with my fists as a consequence I instructed her to stay out of my neighbourhood. Unbearably her boyfriend was round the corner and saw his girlfriend haemorrhage. He was on a colossal degree infuriated; he was approaching to whack me in the face while I acquired my urgent situation pistol from my pocket at that time I shot him in the intestines a quantity of times. Residents drew closer to me as well as used blaspheme and endeavoured to use combat on me. I shot all nine of them. I gulped a number of emergency whiskeys. The authorities arrived to restrain me, I ran to my automobile so therefore I drove to Nicky’s for assistance. He devoted 3 family units to shield me armed with machine guns. Family member no.1: Tony .L.G.E.V. Siciliano, his 35 year old blood-brother. Family connection no.2: Isabella .J. Valentino, his daughter-in-law who possesses a pleasant and soothing character in the function of a 17 year old. Buddy no.3: Daniel .S. Mana, his big brothers best friend. In gratitude I gave him the emerald and he thanked me to a great extent. I made for the car shop; I desired to buy a super swift Ferrari with toughened sides. The fee was $275000. The accountant acknowledged my driver’s authorization has been suspended for 2 years, because of my dozens encounters with the misdeed of, drink and drive. I retorted if he did not hand over the car I’d annihilate all motor vehicles in the storage zone. Instead he telephone called the police and security, Tony destroyed the phone with his gun. He provided $637 for us to depart, I took the money and I told Isabella to give his body 30 lead, a pack of fire came into him at an incredible velocity. After the order the receptionist collapsed on the floor. Then I requested my protectors to attack every single gas tank in the car area, hence that they generate an enormous bang. After 7 we stopped and lay the Ferrari on the motorway for an unlawful alley race. I uncovered the driving bad boys on Totem. Ave, I dared an Asian with gelled hair. I also made a $50000 bet with him. Daniel secretly sabotaged the opponent’s car. When he goes for that flame booster the 5 pounds of gunpowder will obliterate the rear car. He used when finishing the race; he was ahead by roughly 100 feet. It sounded like this: BOOOMM!!! He evacuated the flaming lump of steel and failed the competition. I seized the money and robbed everyone of total in cash $62358. Then I guided my vehicle to the to the Estate Agents administrative centre for the reason that I want to buy a 3 storey mansion with white marble floors and 5 acres of upbeat green pasture, in Colorado Springs at a value of: $3,485,000. I didn’t have enough; we robbed them of the keys and address. I drunk 4 pints of beer and slaughtered 16 people with my flock. I fell fast asleep; I woke outside a tavern, with a gun in the right hand and a bottle of rum in the left
A Wealthy Lifestyle, July 16th 2006, 10.30 am.
I suffered a vast hangover after the previous night as of my drinking. I staggered through the boulevard and fallen over many times. I wished for foreign housekeepers and a personal fortified pack of teenage yobbos, today that pleasure has come true. I pay my housekeepers a weekly wage of $175. I hired four for my brand new quarters. A yobbos wage is$400. I bought 22, the weapons and cottages cost an extra $740000. The annual cost is: $1235000, but I only had $369214; as a result I robbed a bank 13 miles north. In an unorganised method, I had 4 hostages and I shot two, I received $8547125. The police were already onto me. They shot at my trunk and tires. I progressed to Nicky’s for desperate aid; his kin blew the modes of transport away. I gave Nicky $196000 for his kindness. I located a few men for my latest herd. They are called the ‘Red Eagles’, I bought 7. I bring all of them a pint each, I made them recognize in my contract and the 7 out of 11 were especially appealed to enrol in my bunch of criminals. In the hunt of professional lawbreakers, I travelled to Denver, the abode of the confrontation between the Bloods along with the Crips. The thing is what they own in a week make in a month. Luckily I had a van with my seven recruits armed with: 70 grenades and three machine guns. The plan is to situate fire in the Bloods in an abandon warehouse, compel the Bloods to yield and come to are side; otherwise the Crips will massacre the survivors. 12 out of the 108 joined, 62 murdered were in bloodbath, plus none were lost in the battle. I moved on to Colorado Springs, (were I dwell) in spite of everything still looking for 3 hooligans, therefore my community public house is the ideal site. Quickly we found 3 people with a criminal record, who are currently members of are cluster. I brought my pack back to my house to talk to them about the first mission called: beforePublic Guardians, after Corrupt Constabulary. The plan is rather than we go around using homicide and burglary we must to bribe all 100 policeman $500 a week. The whole charge yearly is $2.6 million. Ceremonial dinner for the dawn of new establishment served beef steak and organic vegetables. Zzzzzzzz!
A Dishonest Law, July 18th 2006, 1.15 pm.
We went to the police officers headquarters in support of some arrangements; as a result we could succeed the felony in harmony. The police treasured the exchange and agreed. Although I advise if they attempt any curious affair we’ll stomp right in here then butcher you to a smooth mixture and hurl you into a bonfire. They were so petrified that they soiled there pants. Possibly since I got into aspects alongside illustrated atrocious images of what would happen. In the buildings water closet I said to 6 police officers if they betrayed me I’d scrape there face off with a dagger and consume it, they all went in a toilet booth and completed a techni-coloured-yawn. I advanced out the window and advised my pack to flee back to my manor and there lodges. Quickly we made an excuse and hurried home for directions. A straightforward trial to confirm there loyalty is to steal a luxurious couputterly in front of a policeman’s watch. The person I sent was a past Blood identified: Mike .J. King, nickname the ‘Hound’. In case something goes wrong we conveyed three other of my pack, to prevent the policeman/detective from taking him into custody. Stupendously the task was a triumph; the policeman stared in the other direction. He handled it to some lane racers and secured $120000 in bets. When he got back I finished writing some rules: 1. all of the pack ought to obey me, If not, you will be sacked.
2. all profit made by the pack, functioned by my operations, is to be given to me, if not, you will be sacked.
3. 20% of all official cash received, not managed my operations must be given to me, and %10 to the pack, if not, you will be sacked.
4. Under no circumstances may you injure or rob a life of a member of the pack or else you will be executed by the pack in the character of a firing squad. The rules were accepted by the pack. Now for operation 2: Eliminate Rivals. Zzzzzzzz!
Eliminate Rivals, July 19th 2006, 11.00pm.
Are first objective is to overthrow a team of illegal medicine brokers in north Colorado Springs. Soon we’re going to deal drugs; hence we need to kill them. Tonight we went to there head quarters (an abandon supermarket) to detonate it with hundreds of grenades, during one of there night assemblies. The blast was extraordinarily gigantic; there were five survivors, although they were awfully wounded. We tortured them, until they told us where the residual stash was hidden. One surrendered and said there are 1000 pills of Ecstasy, 10 pounds of Cocaine and 40 pounds of Marijuana, inside a deserted slum. After we attained the supply we injected Morphine into them, one of my pack drove them to Canada, while undressed and dumped them on a street corner. Are second objective is in the far west of Colorado Springs, a tiny gathering of 10 people, armed with pathetic hand guns. Alas they attacked us first and ended $400000 worth in damages on my shoddy escape cars, moreover they’ve situated 3 of my overseas, and low paid, house keepers in carnage. This signifies a local feud. I instructed my pack to plant them in a immense bloodshed, the scheme is to split up and toddle around there head office, at that point when I release the lid of the yellow flare, fire at will with machine guns and overcome the hostilities. Unfortunately there shrewd intellect positioned us in an ambush and 2 of my pack were shot while 1 was dead, on the positive my pack killed 4 of there’s and critically harmed 2, we moved away quickly for primary aid and luncheon. Remarkably at my manor information arrived over the telephone that the enemy crew had admission of defeat thus as a gift they gave us 200 pills of Ecstasy and 15 pounds of Marijuana hidden in the long forgotten church cellar. Something anonymous that was recently found out was that there is a mammoth law enforcement of 150 in the north-east of Colorado Springs, to many personnel to bribe. So I placed a pastime, every badge and identification awarded to me I will pay you $1000. Immediately they drove to the bombardment zone (police station) for a bloodbath, while I drunk tea from gold saucers and cups, smoked cheroot shrub and ate bonbons. When they reached home 2 were killed, 3 injured. Satisfactory news is they had 32 badges with identification, I rewarded them $32000.
Warfare amongst the Law, July 23rd 2006, Noon.
Instead of using all my pack to perform hostilities to the law, I will place five elsewhere to exchange are drugs. I come to a perfect strategy, we bargain a poor quality car later we acquire a scientist to rest a remote control coordination in the interior, load it with 600 pounds of explosives next manoeuvre it into the reliable police station killing 50-100 inhabitants. The calling took three days and it occurred to be an immeasurable achievement, 115 individuals died, 102 policemen in addition to 13 general public. Staggeringly counting the sheriff. Instantly a pristine state constable 19 years old, from the south (always an indicator of corruption) is now the head of jurisdiction in north-east Colorado Springs. Nevertheless he didn’t receive the bribe I offered him, at the time he was either truly daft if not terribly valiant. We did the exact same thing and presently there are now twenty-three populace in the magistracy, the head of jurisdiction lived. The Colorado state troopers have approached with the National Guard to Colorado Springs. My pack is so treacherous it is public enemy no.4 of America. I need is$5 million to hire 200 villains to secure me, so I can dodge the electric chair at state prison, I brought 200 in two days. As there’s going to be a month long siege in Colorado Springs, I will hide in Denver and when the crusade has ended I will come back to Colorado Springs and be entitled emperor of Colorado Springs. Tomorrow I go to the titanic-size metropolis masked as a half-wit southern aromatic plant and fruit tree farmer with $7894230 in my portable safe.
The Titanic-Size Metropolis, August 2nd 2006, 3.00pm.
I arrived at the conurbation during the afternoon accompanied by three bodyguards furthermore a massive assemblage of capital, instantaneously I originated a spanking new pack, but I kept it to a feeble 25 juvenile members in there term of adolescence and 50 exterior illicit powder suppliers . My new pack is occupied by previous Crips who have fianc, unluckily there poverty-stricken, but I’ll modify that with a parton labelled unconstitutional pharmacy exchange. I started to nurture a Cocaine realm in Mexico which harvests 1 Ton a year, a profit of $120 million. The prior landlord was assassinated by me. I simply have to pay the labour $3 a calendar day. I also manufacture a 3 million Ecstasy pills annually, at a profit of $75 million. Besides that, the militia has reached Colorado Springs to cease the atrocities, without delay I spend $6 million for a novel 250 reprobates to insert to my pack. I was stridden through the gruelling parts of town where the Bloods and Crips are. I am going to ask a vagabond while he’s intoxicated if he wishes to obtain vengeance on Denver by causing pandemonium with a machine gun and 20 grenades. He accepted my proposition and injured 24 while slaying 71 by way of weaponry. Rumours and news bulletins went away from the mayhem in Colorado Springs and passed on to a bloodbath in Denver. The mechanical homeland may have turned away although the constabulary haven’t, there in spite of everything rummaging around for me. As a substitute for talking about my state of affairs I will talk to you a bit about my kin’s saga in prearranged felony. My great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great grand father, Fredrik .T. Illegitimate stole scores of peoples possessions on the trip to America on top of the legendary ship ‘The Mayflower.’…..
The Illegitimates Saga, August 3rd 2006, 8.30 am.
In year 1615 Fredrik married cheery stone, an indigenous America lady. Only because he needed to acknowledge where the nourishment is, he was told there is a huge cereal field, 10 miles north of there ethnic group. He robbed them of the ton of corn and wheat, took all ill-gotten gains from the Indians. Subsequently he shot all the natives (apart from his wife), hacked there heads off and wedged them on pikes, He took them back to Plymouth with the mound of rations. He was a hero and prized &85 ($17000). A new job was presented, Duke of Plymouth, he gave a positive response to the answer.

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