9 Hours and 37 Minutes

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
Hmmmmmm what can I say

Submitted: December 10, 2018

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Submitted: December 10, 2018



9-Hours and 37 Minutes


Creepy Mystery Thriller


Donald Harry Roberts

I must apologize in advance because when you reach the end of this story you are really going to be upset with me. But you'll like the read until you get there. Brahahaha

To Begin With

I ate my supper in a hurry because I had an appointment that I could not be late for, but I had to eat before my stomach started to think my mouth was sealed shut or worse. Eating so fast/ too fast gave me hellish heart burn and the belches which I could only hope would be gone before I met Mr. Agonish, the person who could at that very meeting, make or break my future.

I swallowed a handful of ant-acid pills, dashed for the car started and pulled out from the curb just barely under screeching tire velocity.


I drove like hell to the other end of the city. Just my luck...the traffic was horrendous and I was stalled to almost a stop. Somehow I managed to belay the desire to lay on the horn, which never does any good any way. Dozens of other weren't so practical and the noise was deafening. Someone opened their window and started yelling at someone else and that started another kind of road anomaly....Road rage, which again does not help move the traffic along. I watched the second hour tick by until I had only 15 minutes left before my appointment.

Hour 3

 Made it, with seconds to spare. Mr. Agonish praised my punctuality but I wondered what he would think if he knew it was pure luck that got me there on time.

I sat down in the chair provided, across the desk from the apish looking Mr. Agonish and waited for him to begin my education. Forty five minutes ticked by. Then he said, "Are you a patient man or just to dumb to speak up."

I replied. "I came here to learn, not to talk, but it seems you don't really have anything of importance to say. The man smiled.

Hour 4

"If you want to get ahead in this business you must listen carefully to instruction and then carry it out to the letter. If you do not you will be eliminated from consideration for the job this company is offering." Agonish began his instructions.

"I understand. I am listening. Please speak clearly and be ever most detailed in your instructions. I find Ambiguity most disconcerting and miss-leading."

The man nodded his head in acknowledgement.

"You will leave this office, find a man named Mathew Barnish and kill him. How you do that is your concern. He handed me a photo.

Hour 5

I drove to the location I was most likely to find Mathew Barnish at that time of day. It was a tavern one block from the court house mid-town. Barnish was there having lunch with a women. They both looked like lawyers but that was unimportant. I had to kill Barnish before he got back to court.

Oh. He is...was a lawyer, a trial lawyer with a shady side very near criminal.

His client was guilty but Barnish was aiming to get him exonerated using technicalities and tainted evidence. The defendant was the son of a wealthy city official. Rotten.

Hour 6

I waited. Had a quick lunch. Kept my eyes on my target. It was obvious what Barnish was, outside the court room. The woman did not seem to mind when he put his hand on her thigh.

When they finished he paid the bill and they went outside. I rushed to pay mine and followed. I was only half surprised when they went to a car in a parking lot and....well did things a man and woman might do in the back seat of a car in a secluded parking lot.

I waited...a little impatiently. They were quick.

Hour 7

I suppose I had an opportunity to kill the Barnish there and then, as he climbed from the car still pulling his pants up and scurrying across the parking lot, back to the court house.

It made me laugh, but it also made me not kill him. Besides, though I had the opportunity I didn't have the means, except for my bare hands.

I figured Barnish would be in court for while so I went looking for a weapon that would not appear too obvious. I went to a hardware store and purchased a foldup saw with a sharp point.

8th Hour

I sat on a bench in a parkette across the street from the courthouse watching for Barnish to emerge. I spotted him escaping via a side door heading for the back of the building and quickly followed. He was getting in his car when I caught up to him. He turned and looked at me with a knowing glint in his smile. With a faint smile he said. Are you the one Agonish sent this time to kill me?"

I nodded yes automatically.

"How do you plan to do it?"

I showed the man the folding saw. He Laughed....hard.


That really pissed me off. I pulled out the saw, opened it and rammed it into the lawyer's chest. Barnish just kept laughing as he pulled the offending weapon from his heart.

I barfed on my victim. Then I managed to say. "What the hell?"

 Agonish appeared from what seemed like nowhere. "Well now. I must say that was impressive. You accomplished your assignment marvellously and you deserve the job I have to offer. Unfortunately, Barnish beat you to it and I must say he is far more qualified than you. However I feel obliged compensate you for your efforts.

The Last 37 Minutes

My name is Argy Mells. I walked away from Barnish and Agonish wondering about what you I wondering about. Why didn't Barnish die when I stabbed him in the heart?" Well I am afraid we have to share something else. I don't know. Sorry.

I walked and walked for a half hour until I came to a coffee shop. I bought a doughnut and coffee. Seconds after I sat down Mr. Agonish joined me. He was very polite. He spoke in a soft voice.

"Your compensation. You walked away before I could give it to you. Do you not want it?'

"Of course I do." I answered.

The End.

© Copyright 2020 Donald Harry Roberts. All rights reserved.

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