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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: October 21, 2017

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Submitted: October 21, 2017








"Does it not seem odd to you that a man, living in a town, would wander about the streets dressed in a robe, carrying an ornate wooden staff, crowned with a silver ball and, of all things stranger, he is accompanied by an old wolf and an old raven who seldom drift far from his reach. And that Raven most often rides on the back of the Wolf while it walks at its human's side?"

"I find it intriguing and a little dangerous given the general disposition of the people in this town, they being God-fearing and he seeming to have followed a more ancient path."


"It will come to no good I am sure."

"I think not. After all, the man and his pets have been wandering about these part for nigh on 20 years and nothing terrible has come of it. After all, he keeps to himself and few ever approach him and those that have found him pleasant to speak with even though a little distant and distracted. And he always treats the children well. Those I mean that have the right stuff to go near him."

"True, but as you said. Few do."


"Friend Wizard. Those men on the bench are talking about us."

"Yes old friend Wolf. I hear them."

"But is that not rude of them?"

"Very rude and if it were up to me I would still their tongues to silence."

"But Friend Raven. Do you not talk about the humans and not always in a kindly manner? Maybe they would like to clip your wings."

"Yes. I suppose you are right Friend Wizard."

"We should talk to them sometime."

"It would be well if you could but they cannot hear your mind's voice as I can."

"How horrible." Said the old Raven.


"But you Friend Wizard can talk to them."

"Indeed I can Friend Wolf and have on several occasions but it is beyond your comprehension for, as they cannot hear your mind's voice, you cannot understand their spoken word, except for the merest of simple commands and then only after days and days of listening and learning. Even when I speak aloud you stare at me dumbfoundedly. Were it that I was not a Wizard and able to hear your mind's voice we could not be the friends we are.

"Listen to our wise human Friend Wolf." Cawed the Raven amusedly.


"Mr. Mayor. You seem to have ignored our petition. That strange man and his strange pets should not be allowed to stroll about town as they will in such garb and with no restraints on the animal. Wolves are unpredictable and dangerous and who in their right mind would keep a raven as a pet. It's simply outrageous."

"I have not ignored the petition Mrs. Blighe. I simply do not believe there are any working bylaws that can restrict the man in how he conducts himself or chooses to dress and since in 20 years neither animal has caused one iota of trouble in this town your demands to retrain them are unfounded."


"My paws grow sore. My time draws near. I am older than most of my kind ever know."

"Ah, it's so sad Friend Wolf for I have grown comfortable with you."

"Lollygagging on my back Friend Raven."

"Tis affection I show only old and trusted friends Friend Wolf and I doubt I will ever know such a friend as you again."

"I too grow foot weary Friends Wolf and Raven. I fear Friend Raven, since you are the longest-lived of all, you will soon go on to the future and leave us to our spirit travels."

The wolf growled and the Raven Cawed.


"Maybe we should cross the great river of the abyss together and travel in the spirit world as we have in this most mundane of existences."

"What a delightful suggestion Friend Raven."

"Thank You, Friend Wolf. What do you vote Friend Wizard?"

"I would be honoured to do so but it takes something very special for us to cross the river together. The moment must be just perfect."

"I know what must be done." Said the Wolf. "At the stroke of midnight when the moon of November is full, I must sing the wolf's lament."


"Yes. Yes. And as you sing I must soar into the light of that same moon." Announced the old Raven. "Even though my mortal life may wander many years yet into the future I would not choose to go on without my dearest friends."

"And what of you, Friend Wizard the old wolf and the old raven inquired at once.

"Hmmmm. Such timing would be difficult but if it can be done I must separate my spirit self from mortal body, Wind Riding it is called, and when my spirit hovers above I must cut the silver thread that binds us, all on the night of the full November Moon. Our spirits will meet in its glow and go off to wander eternity together.


Two old men sitting on the bench outside the town hall. They had not spoken in months though they were close friends.

"Did you hear it? That old wolf howling at the moon last November. And a full moon it was at that." Said one.

"Indeed I did and at the very same moment, I saw that old Raven circling upward. It seemed to be reaching for the moon." Said the other.

"I read in the newspaper that the old man died on that very night. They said he was out walking by the river. There was a kid who saw him who said the old man just stood there with his arms outstretched up at the moon. He stood as still as a tree. Then he collapsed just as the wolf howled and the raven circled into the light of the moon."

"They found the old wolf and the old raven beside the old man."

"What in blazes do you suppose happened?






© Copyright 2020 Donald Harry Roberts. All rights reserved.

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