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Read it or die trying mrhahahaha

Submitted: October 15, 2018

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Submitted: October 15, 2018







My name is Anna. I am a spy for hire to the highest bidder. My loyalties lie with my bank account and a small version of me that needs to be cared for, just not by me. She needs a stable mother and father figure and hopefully she will never know me until knowing me has no consequence. I pay for her security dearly and so I take the highest risk jobs with a price tag of five million dollars, half in advance. I request the remainder 24 hours after the job is done. Clients then have 24 hours to deposit the second half of the payment. If they renege the whole world gets to know what they have done.


I use whatever method, operation or ploy it takes to get the job done. Murder, Sex, robbery, whatever it takes. Surprisingly sex is about third on the list and equally divided between male and female clients. The little me was an error of timing while pursuing a shipment of value that needed diverting. My job was to collect information so the job could be completed. My mark was an amazing lover and I actually fell into the spirit of the moment and forgot to insist on a condom. The little me will never suffer for my indiscretion. I promised her that just before they took her away.


I have no country to call home. As long as I am in business I must be ever on the move. I do have a small zone of safety in that I keep a record of every job I do. I do not tell new clients this but previous ones are well aware of my little treasure trove. It serves to keep them at bay and to blaclmail them into continued use of my services. I am not by any means a nice person nor do I care that I am not. I enjoy my private life immensely and that cost far more than keeping the little me.


I do 3 jobs a year, four if someone is willing to pay me for the use of my down time, in which the rate is doubled. You would be surprised at the amount of industrial espionage that goes on and the number of people who have been disappeared so the balance of the pendulum never swings against the big industrials. I have been known to extend my services, for a price, to the deed of assassination. It is easy enough to kill someone in the throes of the best orgasm they have ever had. I actually get thrill out of hearing them moan with pleasure through a death rattle.



Not only am I not a nice person, I am down right evil. I think I frighten the devil himself and he avoids me. That’s a joke if it went over your head. I doubt there is an almighty evil dude dogging our mortal doorstep. Evil I think is an invention of the self righteous who have convinced themselves or have been convinced that life is anything but a natural element of an environment and death is merely a result of life. But who cares really. It’s all a crapshoot because no one knows anything for sure. I rather enjoy not knowing. It adds a different kind of excitement to my chosen trade.


Now for the biggest confession of all. My most lucrative and exciting case that involved sex drugs and murder, the job I thought was going to be my last because I put a two billion dollar on two segments of the exercise. 4 billion total. I am 38 years of age, much too old to keep up the pace required to be a spy for hire.

I also want to vanish into the wood work because sooner or later something will slip and someone will connect me and my little me together. If that happened I would have to start killing wholesale, everyone I ever worked for.


Playing two ends against the middle particularly when the two ends are industrial and political, is a very dangerous path to travel. Not for me. I see both ends and know what is going on. But both ends hardly ever see each other and there is always a double cross hidden in the fabric of the job.

I received the request via my usual diversionary methods addressed to The Silk Mistress. Corny I know but who the hell cares. I like it.

Industry wanted politics out of the way and politics wanted industry to bend a little, which would have cost industry millions, even billions in lost revenue over a few short years.


Industry wanted me to seduce politics, give politics a good ride while filming the whole episode, myself of course wearing an appropriate disguise. I chose something simple. A black hood, that fit the scenario, leather lace, chains cuffs and whips. It was not hard to set up. My mark was already prone to diverse sexual escapades.

On the other side of that coin my mark was not stupid. He went along with the game but hired me in the process to kill my client. I accepted. Hell. Why not. It was going to be my last gig.



Client Industry was more than pleased with my cinematography and the money I was owed was immediately deposited in my account. As per my agreement with client Politics I killed Client Industry with a quick silent stab to the throat. He bled out in seconds.

Then I returned my attention to client Politics and collected the fee from him. Funny thing. The next day he was found dead from an over dose of barbituets and his sexual exploits was broadcast all over the internet, compliments of posters unknown.

And I walked away with 4 billion dollars.


Too bad for me I over looked something that cost me a lot. The secretary of Politics got me on film. She wanted the life I was going to have with me. Damn if she hadn’t fallen in love with me and the only way she could think of to make it work was to blackmail me. And she was right.

So I took her on. For a while. Then I killed her and disappeared into the fabric of oblivion.

© Copyright 2018 Donald Harry Roberts. All rights reserved.

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