Please, Remember Me

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"Hidden, and unseen, well kept lost behind the scene,"

Submitted: December 18, 2011

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Submitted: December 18, 2011




Please, Remember Me

Hidden, and unseen, well kept lost behind the scene,
empty buildings, under bridges, garbage they glean,
at night behind restaurants, silence is their demean,
trapped, burdened, sacrificed, lost without a dream.

Yearly events, prostrated by the wealthy who donate
only to be forgotten and frowned upon and left to fate
for the following three hundred, sixty four days in wait,
again, for those who give, to be acclaimed by the gate.

Wondering and sleeping on the streets keeping sanity,
the only recourse remaining to uphold ones self identity,
or curl up in beds saturated by rotated bodes, impurity,
a million times slept in by others, lost without self dignity.

This is where I began, on the streets and here I will remain.
I did not learn as others did, the brush of time paints a stain,
one thing that we have in common, below is where we drain
They say, church is to clean for me, I know His holy name.

© Copyright 2018 Donald J Lester. All rights reserved.

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