Time Had Arrive

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A dramatization of a world that is out of control, now by forces predetermined by unknown universal law...

Submitted: December 12, 2011

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Submitted: December 12, 2011



It was the day that followed a couple of weeks of shifting skylines, where time was confused with night and day.  Major heat waves scudded the day like a vortex of shifting mirrors, floating past for a couple of hours and dissipated. Leaving an aftermath of stenches with the heavy dew, and particles of fine dark soot floating all about. Birds were flying out of control, swarming through the air, screeching, and within an instant everything went silent. The heavens seem to tremor, as sheets of dark shadows streaming through the low shields of the atmosphere. Accounts of water flow, changing directions for hours at a time, and spurting thirty or more feet high, in the center of major world deserts. Major Hydroelectric shut downs, effecting television, telephone and radio. With particle transmissions of news bulletins that lead to heighten paranoia such as atomic energy plants endangers overloads, with the possibility of a nuclear meltdown.

In the low sunken cities, oxygen was being absorbed; the weak elderly and the very young were falling like flies. Screams of terror filled the streets. The world scene of war and discord had subsided into streams of universal co-operations. For billions it was self reliance, trapped in a civil war, without little salvation. Doctors had vacated hospitals, with a few exceptions; nursing staff was dropping like feathers from the sky. A world trapped in human cages, only to be released into a world that had forgotten how to survive with Mother Nature, and she was offering little sanctuary. Hugh buildings began collapsing without warning, smoke and dust amidst already floating particles of fine atmospheric dust, sucking the moisture from bleeding lungs. There was no escape insight, just a haze of unimaginable universal cosmological upheaval that was in control, in events without mercy.

Major world powers had become silent; territorial borders, terrorists, oil control, and the building of nuclear weapons were no longer issues. In part, this was due to the fact that they could no longer communicate with each other. Many government powers were trying to flee; not only for their safety due to recent events, but from those who felt that they were victims from such powers, that were preoccupied with their self-greed and had chosen to sacrifice the public, than to thwart their goals.

It was now an early summer day when the grass was all brown, when green tree leaves were pitted and laying on the ground, a mid summer's morn. Birds no longer flew and could their carcasses could be found scattered about. Where silence was a sound that could be heard or the terror from cities echoed for miles. A time when darkness never came, but the light did not rule the day. This was not a cinema scene from a grave yard in the mist, conjuring shadows of unearthly events, but of screams of the unseen, flowing through a vortex.

It’s the day of endless hours, . . . Needing some rest and if I should wake, I will continue to note these events. If humanity survives, these notes my guide them to a different outcome . . .


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