Fighting the Grey

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An affirmation of taking risks

Submitted: September 04, 2012

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Submitted: September 04, 2012



When I came to work to day,
The skies were filled with grey
That ever-present nothingness
That just won’t go away.


The kind that makes it hard to tell
What’s sky and what it cloud.
It presses down on everything,
The world wrapped in its shroud.


The ground is wet as if there’s rain,
But nothing’s coming down.
Moisture seems to tint the world,
Like corners of a frown.


Into this grey nothingness
I plunged into my day.
I began to ponder life
Going on my way.


It seems that we can chose to live
The type of life we want.
We can live a “grey day” life,
Though ever grim and gaunt.


A life that’s safe, it takes no risks,
No chance of getting hurt.
Not risking loss, not risking love,
Without a single flirt.


And yet I say that even though
The chance for loss is great.
The pain is real, the feelings raw,
Emotions left to fate.


To play it safe, avoiding risk
You miss love’s winding trail.
Each time you do, you fail to love,
Your world will grow more pale.


"Hell, no!" I shout, I will not yield
To paralyzing fears!
I choose to love, though I may lose
And end with naught but tears.


I will not live a life of grey,
On that I stake my claim.
So I drench myself with emotions raw,
And put my soul to flame.

© Copyright 2019 Donald Steinbaugh. All rights reserved.

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