God I'm Mad (shouted behind clenched teeth)

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Shouting at God!

Submitted: September 11, 2012

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Submitted: September 11, 2012



I am really mad at You, because You let me be.
My life hasn’t turned out like I want, don’t you see?
How could you stand by, watch me make bad choices?
Watch me from your lofty throne, while I ignore your voices?
You let me cage my conscience well, and extert my will.
How dare you sit so smugly by, and say you love me still.
You let me run headlong away, down this dangerous path.
You let me tear my world apart, stoking up my wrath.
And now I find myself right here, where I chose to be.
How could you simply let me go, let this happen to me?
I know that you still watch over me, and you know my plight.
You could fix it right away, I know you have the might.
But that, I know, You will not do, it has to come from me.
You have let me be brought low, so I can make a plea.
I know You will not fix my mess, taking my free will.
So I’m really mad at me, and I love You still.

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