My Conversational Mask

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The story of one who has, for so long, conformed himself to meet the expectations of those he engages that he is no longer sure what is the real person beneath his mask.

Submitted: September 11, 2012

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Submitted: September 11, 2012



If we should meet, by any small chance,

I think that you’ll find, I completely entrance.

I’m polished and smooth, know all the right lines,

Conversationally speaking, I’m dressed to the nines.

So, soon you will know, in all of our dealings,

I am a black belt, in reading your feelings.

Unmitigated ease, complete nonchalant,

I can give back, just what you want,

With nary a hint, you won’t have to ask

For I have perfected my conversational mask.

Part sugar, part sweetness, spun honey and mirror.

With more information, my image grows clearer.

The closer you look, the more you will see,

I turn into just what you want me to be.

And so my attractions flow without measure.

Drawing you into my web of hollow pleasure.

Still I fear that something is wrong,

Because my mask has been on for so long.

I cringe that some day one person will know,

And want not the mask, but what lies below.

Someone, some day, they might just ask,

To see what lies beneath my well crafted mask.

I fear that when they look to my face,

They will find staring back a blank empty space.

© Copyright 2018 Donald Steinbaugh. All rights reserved.

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