Perilous Plays Ploy Plights

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This is a verse about certain tribulations that befall a family.

Submitted: September 08, 2010

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Submitted: September 08, 2010



Perilous Plays Ploy Plights
A loud crack rips through the air.
A child screams as a man grips and pulls her by the hair.
She is forced to sit and watch as her father is tortured.
Her mother already lying on the ground, was brutally butchered.
Piercing screams rattle her tiny ears.
Her fragile face crumbles under an onslaught of salted tears.
With her eyes closed, the sounds suddenly stop.
A punishing blow across the face causes her tiny and fragile body to drop.
"If you can't sit back and watch, then why don't you join me Hun?"
The man drags her in front of her father and gives her a small gun.
He grips her tiny hands and makes her put pressure on the trigger.
He aims at her father's head, causing her tiny body to quiver.
Her father looks deep into her distraught eyes, and says "I love you."
She looks deep into his and she begins to wail almost as if it was on cue.
A loud sound slows down time, as blood splashes against the wall.
Time gets even slower as she watches her father's lifeless body begin fall.
The man lets go and she falls to the ground.
She opens her mouth, yet she's not able to release a sound.
The man had picked up the gun and had thoughtlessly shot her.
Blood spills from her mouth as she crawls over to her father.
She curls up in a ball under her father's arms.
With her final breath she whispers, "I love you too daddy... and you too mommy..." gripping her family’s charm...
A gust of wind rattles a window.
The little girl opens her eyes and feels her pillow.
She began to cry as any little girl would.
Her parents rushed in and did what any parent could.
They held her tightly and said "It was only a dream honey," and said that everything would be alright.
But she looks over at the window and froze as she was terrified at who was there in her sight...
Short Verses By: Donald Rochelle Tisdale JR

© Copyright 2017 DonaldTisdaleJr. All rights reserved.

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