The Return of Lastat

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Lastat returns to the group of vampires.

Submitted: July 19, 2012

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Submitted: July 19, 2012




Lestat looks at them all, from one side of the room to another, his lips curve into a smirk. “It seems like you’ve all forgotten who I am.” His crystal blue eyes, which were trapped by a glowing faded yellow border and kryptonite green, stopped on Francesco. “Even though some had to uphold what I’ve built”

“You have left your own kind abandoned for centuries, and you expect a warm welcome?” Francesco spoke the words to Lestat with an expression and tone that only indicated that he could not care less to Lestat’s statement.

Lestat’s eyes turned from the lovely calm colours of beauty to dark yellow, orange and blood red yet still seductive in their own way as they narrowed a bit. His smirk widened as it turned into a mad grin.

“Then let me bid you a warm welcome” at the calm yet powerful words of Lestat, Francesco started to smoke up slowly. His expression turned to panic as his skin started to turn gray and ash slowly. Everyone gasp in shock and fear as they watched the handsome Francesco turn weak and helpless as he fell to his knees. “Is that a warm enough welcome for you, my friend?”

“Forgive me”, Francesco gasped, avoiding making no impression of the pain he felt. Lestat had only to blink, his eyes turned to the radiant colours as Francesco stopped asking and smoking away into nothingness and slowly his beauty faded back to him, as if Lestat had never caused him any harm.

“As I was saying, I have left the Sangrians to keep what I have built. Being a vampire means living in the darkness and shadows. It makes it easier to feed and live.” Lastat glided around the room as he spoke the words. His tone of voice mesmerized them all, as if they would fall in a trance. “and now what have you done?”

The last words brought with them a silence. A silence which the coven leaders noticed only because the mesmerizing voice sounded no more. They look unto one another, realizing that the last words actually formed a question which required no answer because the answer was too obvious. The answer scared them now, not because it was obvious, but because Lastat put the question that way.

Kane looked at Lastat, who was now floating around the perimeter of the ceiling, and was about to speak. Lastat appeared right in front of him leaving black mist behind him as he grabed and lifted Kane by the face, covering his mouth.

Lastat’s eyes once again lost the colours of calm and beauty, and gained the darker maroon and black colour in his eyes. His words filled the room as he spoke, the tone also changed as fierce as his eyes, like a thousand angry souls his voice spread the room and made the vampires in there jump and take cover behind the nearest object they could find.

“You have exposed out kind to the mortals and let them live! You have walked in daylight which you have been cursed from! You have betrayed what you are! A vampire!” The shriek and anger of the last words sent Kane into flames from where Lastat held him. Lastat shook with the pain of the flames that bursted at his hand but the madness was still there, his eyes stuck hold on what now was a blaze of fire which turn to ash in the wind.

“Dare to forget that, dare to get away from the reality of what you are,” his deadly blood red eyes turn around the room spotting the other leaders one by one as he yelled at them angrily, “and that is what your faith will be.” He pointed at Kane’s remains, which were ashed bone and a pile of dust. “Do not even think that science is progress for us. It is but a means to end us, just like it is ending them!” At the words he slammed his fist down on the nearby table and snapped it in half. Martiuse was hiding behind it, with the snapping he fell back hissing at Lastat with fear. “It is because of science we must choose our pray carefully. So their infected blood would not poison us with drugs or some sex disease!”

Francesco came around from behind an arm chair, his head lift up just a bit to show the chin more. He stepped forward, “Lord Lestat, the death of master Kane was not necessary,” Lestat turned his head and gaze onto Francesco slowly as he spoke, “we are gathered here also concerned about our existence being revealed to the world-“

“revealed?” Lestat interrupted him, his words were now low yet still the sense of danger lingered with them. “not too long ago, I reviled our kind to the world. I exposed us from hiding. Only to draw one more powerful then myself and set her to death before she could destroy the only things which kept us alive. Akasha, the queen, the mother of our kind was killed with the help of my doings. I exposed our kind only for a while and left us into memory once again. I’ve done this only to keep us safe and living.”

Lestat paused his words as he took a few steps closer to Francesco, his eyes once again took the colour of the crystal blue eyes, which were trapped by a glowing faded yellow border and kryptonite green as he walked. “Kane’s death was to set an example to all of you, that none of you must think selling us out and losing our place as predators to mortal humans is an acceptation. Even to the good of science.”

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