Amilya & Akil

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war, death, racism, and hate can't stop the love of opposite

Submitted: June 29, 2008

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Submitted: June 29, 2008



I stood on my tip toes behind my oldest sister, Azi so that I could look over her shoulder as she peeked out the tent. “What are they saying?” I whispered in her ear, anxious to hear who my father pick as my future husband. I was in my year of womanhood and was the last of my father’s nine sons and three daughters, so he took his precious time to pick a good husband for me.

“I don’t know.” Azi whispered pushing me back, “I can’t hear anything.”

“Well, I want to know who it is?” I whined, nibbling on my right thumb.

“Be patient.” Azi replied.

I begin to pace the tent, thinking of all the eligible men who I thought would be a good match for me in the village.

Zama, he was father’s favorite of the village men, but wouldn’t think of him good enough for a young princess’s hand.

Flees, was the strongest of the warriors, but father would never have me as another’s second wife.

The last I could think of was Godunt, the son of the village coward. Godunt’s father ran off in war when he was young. Godunt was able to redeem his family as a village hunter.

“Amilya!” I heard my father deep voice yell for me from outside the tent. I frozen and turn to look at Azi. This was it, when I return back to my tent. I would be betrothed. I walked out the tent to see my father and the village men sitting around the grand bonfire in the village square.

“Father?” I said risen my head from a bow.

“Your father has found your husband.” my father said to me sucking on his pipe. “It will be Frilo?”

“Frilo?” I repeated turning to the middle age men who sat isolated from the rest. He was an old warrior. He wore the scars of passed wars and its anger.

“Your not pleased?” Father asked me.

“I was hoping for someone a bit…”

“Frilo is a fine and wise man.” Father interrupted me. “He can take care of you. The way a princess should be.”

I nodded, agreeing with my father. I wasn’t pleased at all. I was close to tears as I walked back to the tent. What was father thinking when he decided Frilo. I wonder if Zama, Flees, or Godunt was in the race.

“Well who is it?” Azi asked excited as I walked passed her and sat on my mat. I looked up at Azi face to see her grinning from ear to ear, I was hoping I would return back to the tent like how she was now, but instead the opposite.

“Frilo.” I answered her. I watched Azi’s smile disappear from her lips and look at me confused.

‘Frilo?” Azi replied. “What is father thinking, that old man. What could he possibly give you?”

“What will I do, Azi?” I asked taking a deep breath. Azi nodded as she sat next to me and put her arm around me.

“Be a good wife.” Azi answered. “Your place now is to be a good wife.”

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