A Father's Heart

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic
A man named Christian dreamed to be on the spotlight. He became workaholic and forget that he had a family to watch for, but he ignored it and continue his selfishness, until his boss granted him to get along with his family. But an obstacle awaits him as he get home.

Submitted: October 16, 2014

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Submitted: October 16, 2014




“A Father’s Heart”

In the quiet neighborhood of Ethereal Valley, eerie customs lurked around the peaceful suburb. Every house settled with spooky scheme. Carved pumpkin with a bloodcurdling image, an enormous spider plastered on a translucent window, and a sinister skull parked at every threshold. The frosty wind of winter swiftly approached the suburb, crunchy, dry leaves scattered along the asphalt. The leaves that dangled on each tree began to faint, twisting the green leaves to yellow. On each street light dangled an enormous cobweb, portraying how meaningful the event was for the community.

Far beyond the suburb, a carnival was assembled by the community for their youngsters. Since the population of the community was too limited, the Mayor of the Ethereal Valley demanded one household for each family to volunteer for the carnival. The community agreed to it, and happily wrote their names on the ballot. Most of the citizen’s occupation in the town was coal mining, and for them this kind of job was very interesting. But for Christian, this job wasn’t. After he married his wife Rica, he left and worked abroad. He carried his dream to be the captain of the ship that he was into someday; he would put his future on the line just to achieve that dream. One day when Christian was in the engine room, a chime alerted his mind. He answered his phone, and it was Rica saying that she was pregnant, his tears overlapped his eyelids and he said through the phone, “I will come home soon.”

But all came out from his mouth and entered through the phone was a deceit. His wife expected him to knock on the door and celebrate for their upcoming child, but Christian neglected his family and kept working. The ship held many memories of his family. Before his father travelled to heaven, his father revealed his ambition to be the captain of a cargo ship. That made Christian carry on to his father’s dream, as the only son, he needed to achieve that goal as a sign of respect. After a four long years, Christian finally made it home. His wife welcomed him at the time he entered their decent house, but Eliana, his daughter hid behind her mother’s skirt. She only knew her father’s face on Skype, but as soon as Christian came closer at her, her heart mollified and immediately gave her father a hug.

When the darkness entered the earth’s horizon, Christian left a bucket filled with candy outside the house, for other children who might visit their house. After a few minutes, he climbed towards the bedroom where his wife bathing Eliana. He laid two cargo box on the top of the king sized bed and opened them one by one.

“What is that?” Rica asked, while applying shampoo on Eliana’s spring–like hair.

“This is our bonding.” He ripped off the carton with a wide smile attached to his face.

All of a sudden the chime rang, indicating that the event just started. Christian moved aside the pink, floral curtain, and opened wide their single–hung window. The road was filled with children in costume, and each one of them associated with their father or mother. “We need to get going before our neighbors ran out of candy.” He said.  The white, French door opened, and laughter occurred across the street. Their eyes zoomed in, and their jaw clattered on the ground. “That is a cute costume Mr. Wixx, I’m glad your boss let you slip this time.” The woman said. “Thank you, and have a good night.” He yelled back.

“IT’S HALLOWEEN DADDY!” Eliana jumped up and down with excitement while wearing her Hello Kitty costume, with a Hello Kitty backpack. “Let’s go get some candy.” Christian said out loud. The first house they went to was their neighbor Mr. Anderson, a conch house surrounded with cobwebs, and a ladylike mannequin all dressed up with white and dirty gown, her long, chaotic, black hair was tall as hers. And beside his doorstep a sticker indicated that he worked with the military.

“That’s a nice scheme you have there Mr. Anderson.” He praised.

Underneath the staircase towards the front door attached a 1000W fog machine, creating a dense and eerie atmosphere. Mr. Anderson came down the deck and called out Eliana to come over and grab a handful of candy, but Eliana began to freak out and soon cried.

“Why are you afraid of? They aren’t real.” Christian said, and carried her in his arms.

“I don’t like Halloween anymore.” She placed her head faced down on her daddy’s shoulder and hugged him tightly.

“Don’t be scared Eliana, don’t you want candies and toys.” Mr. Anderson said, “Here take this whistle, just in case if you get lost or get scared, just blow this and I’m pretty sure daddy will come and find you.

”He placed the whistle in her Hello Kitty backpack accompanied with candies. Eliana paused crying and thanked Mr. Anderson for the candies.

The heavy clouds began to maneuver over the suburb, accompanied with frigid gust. Children dashed towards the huge arched while their pockets emitted tingling sounds. The sound of laughter and karaoke overheard outside the outskirt. The carousel, bumper cars, octopus, and the ferries wheel was packed with children, while extreme rides was left unused. “Daddy your pocket is shining.” Eliana pointed out. Christian urgently took out his phone and answered.

“Mr. Wixx, we need you to come back as soon as possible.” Suddenly a deep voice slit through the conversation. “What’s wrong with your design Wixx.” The boss said with high tone.

“Don’t worry sir I will fix the malfunction when I get there tomorrow.”

“Are you going tomorrow?” Eliana asked her father.

“Yes, daddy needs to go back to work.”

“Will you promise to be with us on Christmas, because mommy is crying if you’re not with us?”

“I will come home this Christmas.” Christian lied to his daughter. He only came to assign on a huge facade on his wife’s mind, so he could remove all the doubt of him being an irresponsible husband or father to his daughter Eliana.

He sat on a huge, mossy boulder beside the sloppy, wet road, and took one stick of Marlboro cigarette and relaxed. While her daughter, Eliana counting how many candies she earned. Christian commanded her to move away from him because he was smoking and he knew that secondhand smoke was worse than first hand smoke.

“I wanna go see mommy.” She said while stomping on a muddy ground.

“Will you stop that, you making your costume messy?” He said, “Go ahead, I’ll be behind you.”

Eliana sprinted towards the entry of the carnival; Christian didn’t think that the carnival was packed with people and children, and there was a huge opportunity that Eliana could be lost on the carnival.

“ELIANA WHERE ARE YOU!” Christian wandered around the carnival with no planned how to find Eliana. “Excuse me, have you seen a four years old girl wearing a hello kitty costume.” He asked the man wearing a hooded jacket.

“Like your costume.” The man laughed.

“Yes, like this costume.” He pointed “I’m sorry dude, we haven’t seen anyone with a hello kitty costume.” The man replied and left the scene. In the right corner of his eyes, he had a glimpse of Rica waving at him, but he ignored her and continued to search for his daughter. He rebounded like a pinball, repulsing at each person he bumped into as he forced himself into a massive crowd. Without any of his expectation he bumped into Rica’s soft breast.

“You look exhausted, where is Rica?” She asked. “Well, I left her in the carousel to get a bite.” His long nose turned red. “Let’s take a picture of her.” Rica recommended.

“That’s a good idea, go ahead and get her. I will just take a piss and meet you there.” His face flushed.

“I thought you’re going to get some snacks, and now you’re going to the bathroom?” Rica’s eyes glared at him. Rica was well known for her outstanding teaching techniques, she had the skill to see if a person was telling a lie or not.

“I will go to the bathroom first, and then I’ll buy some snacks.” He replied with frail voice.

Suddenly he heard a whistle sound came outside the carnival. “I will meet you up there.” He said to his wife and left without any hesitation. While he ran towards the exit, he accidently bumped into a muscular man, his head hit the ground that made him slightly dizzy. He slowly stood up from the ground and trudged towards the exit door. Suddenly, he heard Mr. Anderson’s voice up on stage.

“Wealth has no power to make a person happy, but if it’s so, then they’re selfish as a dog munching on his bone.” Christian realized that Mr. Anderson was right about the fortune couldn't make a person happy. As he glanced at the stage, he witnessed Mr. Anderson waved at him. “I heard a whistle on the right side of my ears, probably an angel wanted me to go there.” Mr. Anderson said out loud, people who watched the literature contest laughed at Mr. Anderson’s gagged. He ran as fast as he could towards the gate, at the time he was out the carnival, a small crater sent him down, but his commitment hoisted him on his feet again. While he took off on a muddy trail, surrounded by towering pine trees, a whistled sound occurred on the east side of the wilderness. He changed his phase and followed the noise.

“Keep blowing that whistle Eliana.” He shouted as his pointed ears trailed the noise.

As he pervaded through the shrubs of blackberries, he endured all the thorns that abrading his skin, and when he passed through the pointy shrubs, his blue eyes withdrew tears of happiness. He urgently went to Eliana and hugged her tightly in his skinny arms.

“Don’t you ever run away from me again?” He whispered through his daughter’s ears.

“I’m sorry daddy.” She replied.

“Wait, what happened to your candies?” Christian wondered.

“I gave them all to the bear, because I’m scared that the bear will eat me, so I share all of my candy.” Eliana said. “What about my candy?” He asked.

“Don’t worry daddy I save one for you.” She said that made Christian to hug her daughter tightly.

When they finally got out from those pointy–sharp shrubs. He realized that the dream he was yearning for four years was already in front of him. All those hard worked he experienced inside the steaming engine of the ship wasn’t worth anything, if something bad happened to his daughter, the fortune he earned couldn’t replace a single of it.

“I love you so much Eliana.” He kissed his daughter’s forehead while she was unconscious.

“All human beings dreamed to have a family, an everlasting merry that will commemorate you when all your fragments disappear in this world. Forming a family was a biggest achievement in this ordeal world. Money will fill your desire, but not your heart.” He whispered as he looked at the full moon shimmering from the night skyline.



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