Searching For Amalia

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Who is Really Amalia, the house she owned was haunted. And it seems the people that surround her doesn't care about the park beside her house.Who is Amalia?

Submitted: October 02, 2014

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Submitted: October 02, 2014



“Searching for Amalia”


Walking in the night by myself sometimes gave me a creep, the hair all over my forearms would involuntary sticks up. This happened most of the time whenever my ears hear the chirping sound made by the crickets in the night. The rumors about Amalia, a girl who got kidnapped and killed in this park circling around my head. Many people switched their route just to avoid encountering her ghost, unluckily for me she was my neighbor.


The mossy concrete tiles sometimes slips many people due to its slimy and gooey attributes, but that’s not it, sometimes the crooked tiles trips many tourists too. This park used to fill with tourist from all over the world, but when the incident about Amalia occurred, this place became dreadful for many people. Decades had passed and nothing changed in this place. The iron benches in each side of the park were envelope with rust, and the playground used to be the amusement park for children, became amusement park for raccoons and soon became their turf. The trees that surround the park overgrowth the entire place, turning the narrow road inhabitable by small animals due to its long shrubs. The light bulb that enlightened the park in the night wore off, and no one seems responsible to replace them exempt me. The poster in the ground level was smeared by nature, making it difficult for tourist to spot this isolated place.


The community decided to demolish the park a couple weeks ago, but the project held abort, because of the tragedy that occurred along the construction worker last week. Five constructors rushed to the ambulance, fortunately they all survived with a minor injury. But the damaged they’ve done in the park and the forest was unforgivable. They knocked over 200 trees, and they also destroyed my mossy tiles. After the incident, the community feared the park, due to the rumor that spread out recently that my house was cursed and haunted.


The house beside the park became a tourist park for people who loved to investigate about ghost. They would enter without any consent by the owner. They would place their cameras in each corner of the house, creating disturbance to many rats and termites who occupy the place. They would ask many things about how Amelia died, using their advanced technology they would come up with something very strange answer. Their minds and eyes were full of joy, as they unravel all the white cover in each antique furniture of my house. They would take pictures of my unique painting, and played with my dusty and old instruments. The letter I left on foot of the camera gathered their attention, and gave them chill as they read my request.

The trees that circled around the park put haven of the ground, like a sea of trees. Getting a board the helicopter wouldn’t help you to see the mossy field, or the rabbits that hide in the heart of the park. But my heart were convinced that the people who always investigate in my house helped to rebuild the park. The gutter used to be filled with decaying petals was cleared out, and the squeaky entrance door of my house soon would be replaced with fine and updated wooden door. The street lights in the park lit up every night, and the smeared poster in the foot of the park was repainted. My house and the park came alive again for people that have the guts to enter and out my portal. “The cursed has been lifted.” The letter said by Amalia.

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