A Party - The girls party -1965

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Booksie Classic

part of a longer piece; at that difficult stage when let alone the inadequacies of adolescence overwhelms ; the new vocabulary confounds and confuses
new words like ' clitoris'
masturbation menstruation
The peevish snobbery of youth..
there is more before .. and more after.here
if it suits you
This part is written through of a 15 yr old

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1965 - Christmas .Party.

There were several parties that xmas – all organised by th girls .

Melanie was just back from boarding school for the Christmas., And I had the misfortune to ask her to dance.

It was her friend’s party. So I goofed from the beginning. I’ll admit that freely. It was a lousy choice.

So instead of dancing she suggested we have a pow wow.

You’re probably beginning to see my predicament already. A pow- wow; Yes .This meant only one thing ; this daring talk stuff .

Like many of the girls of the time she believed that she could use this as a way to sort of be quoted like some film stars. It was supposed to be kind of bold and frank talk.

It was really half to embarrass the guys while appearing so at ease in her maturity but what it really was, was just a half rehash of some real wise retired professor who gave these talks to them aboutladies concerns - ; a career girls guide or something .Shewho came to their school and advised them how to manage an up start or a guy that was looking for too much .

I could see this smarmy brawny matron type telling the attentive young ladies all about it – the delicate art of poise and reserve and grace and all that .-‘’… and if he starts getting too fresh- you just say excuse me,but are you looking for something under my blouse- well you wont find.

it there sunshine-.Always be composed girls.. Because, girls.. If you let him get that far tonight.. -That’s just where’ he’ll start tomorrow.. So girls. Button up and always remember They are all after one thing and one thing only….‘ and so on.Lar and I used to do a skit on it..

And Melanie was the kind of swot that she’d probably written down all the lines – they all had..

The other thing was all the boarding school girls spoke the same – with a slight English accent and which I knew they picked up from radio Luxemburg

So here we were sitting against the window ledge for our pow wow

I knew it was one of these rehearsed scenes they’d played out in the dormitories after the hot shot talk. I could feel it coming. I could feel thedread come over me. As the record needle lifted and in the awkward shuffling.

Silence that followed….

They used to take 2 aspirins and a bottle of coke and it was supposed to make you high – I tried it and it didn’t work –but I could them all slouched around Melanie’s bed , high on this muck , rehearsing the put down lines and the – what are you looking for up there mister ….

So she started on about French kissing

- Well!! Is it a sin ? . -She looked straight at me with those open blank eyes as if everything and nothing could shock her. As if she’d heard all the answers to this and all the other mysterious words floating round – masturbation – menstruation-and that new one ‘clitoris’

Lar used to do this sketch of a guy going to confession and telling the priest he’d menstruated 10 times since last week , but anyway – yea Melanie had me cornered now .And l . I wasn’t expecting is this suddenly. Not from melainie.i suppose she caught me dopey. And I deserved it.

I should have said well now that’s the burning question of the hour . It occupies my mind night and day. And something about theologians . But you never do say these things – oh yea you’d think them ok . But I said;

-Well Well... Is it Is it what...!!
-What is it what !!.-

She tilted her head still and the wide eyes narrowed and became sly , like a cat.

I was nervous I must’ve been. I always meant it to sound like a stupid question whe I had to think...

-Ahh ..the old morality stuff , Melanie,-I said . Weak I Know

- I was never up there with the guys in the catechism.

I knew I was nearly shouting at her. It was a nervous thing of mine .


- Shhh … keep your voice down -. She whispered loudly, or hissed I should saymaking her more lie cat

- - is it a sin!! – she went , much louder , looking round .

Just then the record finished and the couples dancing broke up . The records went in sequences of three. It was the way they did it in dance halls . Two fast and one slow. And now I knew I was trapped for another 3 songs , so the dam pow wow continued..


I was so unsureabout how little I was in command of this conversation.So I added grandly (. I could do the Richard Burton voice , and I tried it now.)

- -For Gods sakeLet us sit upon the ground..,

- Oh yea .. lets ..? What are you at

- And tell sad stories…

- Have you beeen drinking..


- -..Of the fate of kings ………….

I didn’tknow the next line of the Burton thing . I hated Shakespere.And now my ruse failed me.

- Oh I know . I know what you’re at.- She said through her sly eyes

- You’re doing one of those skit things

There, just there the voice failed me – my voice was breaking anyway. But suddenly I thought ; How the hell did I get into this mess.

I mean , dancing with Melanie was like dancing with a sheet hanging on one of those wire clothes hangers.She seemed to be propped up by bits of wire beneath her dress ,everywhere youtouched .And I thought she was like that inside herself also. I couldn’t ever see her hearing the passion in Elvis singing ‘ Are You Lonesome tonight- those whispering pleas he made , like a guy really hurt .Any way Elvis was gone ; the Beatles were in .. And worse the Rolling Stones.- which I couldn’t abide.

Meanwhile the pow wow continued

- Guys get excitedreally quick by . don’t they ?

I lost it .My temper is quite fierce when I’m cornered

- Jees Melanie , what does it matter . Give me a break who cares.. I dunno


-. Ok.ok no need to get embarrassed.

-Whose embarrassed.-. The worst thing I could have said...

- Me embarrassed... By You.ha!

- . Are you blushing.-. I was

- -Who me... You’re kidding me...

-Well never mind. Any way what’s all this between you and Liz .

-Oh that...-I was relieved and to be honest I was a bit staggered by her bloody brazenness.. I mean I had no notion of fench kissing her or the other way either; or put my hand up her blouse. It would be like putting your hand into a sack of mousetraps; and anyway she was too flat.

This thing wasn’t going my way at all. I pictured it quite differently.

- I heard you and her were serious .
-Yea well yea.. You know..Sometimes like..
- I’m embarrassing you again .
-Melanie do me a favour if you would..

Just then a Rolling Stones record caaaame on ; Little Red Rooster.

There was some story about Mick Jagger and a modle and a Mars bar , whichI never heard through so she said as I knew she would

- bet you don’t know about Mick Jager and the Mars bar ..

- No – Melanie .. I don’t

It was like the third secret of Fatima . And of course she knew it.

Ahaa!!! – its all before you .. I feel Im baby snatching with you .. haa !she said in a kind of triumph and walked off into the sea of slowly swaying bodies .

. Well that s about it was with Melanie and me.

Sorry but Ihad to cut that bit short ; cos realy there was in more it .

With Melanie ?

No. That was it with her and me and the pow wows

But since you kinda know me now ,wel maybe me now , I can talk freeer or is more freely ?

Any way I'll be writing more soon.

I feel better that piece is gone for a start .

Submitted: September 05, 2008

© Copyright 2021 donkylemore. All rights reserved.

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Classy Peach

Giggled through the whole read. I sometimes feel with you, I can't describe your writing. My grandmother used to hang up the telephone when she was done speaking whether the other party was done or not. She didn't even say goodbye. God, I loved her. That comes to my mind often when I read what you splay for us.

Here it is, enjoy it, now be gone.

So then, you never "got it on" with Melanie eh?
Silly kids. Silly boys. The good ole love/hate relationships between men/women.

Fun reading donkylemore.

Sat, September 6th, 2008 9:01pm


Was your grandmother some sort of a vaudeville stand up comic ; or a megaphone conversationalist;
At that stage of my life I was an intolerant shit.
Capable of picking up of sensitivities but hectoring at everything - cynical too but basically this was just a bravado mask . Inside I was plagued with guilt not only at the sometimes cruel and careless way I treated others but also for the demon in me which sought to deconstruct anything half serious .
This is written through the 15/16 yr old 's eyes..so watch this spot .. he's got a bit more to say - which will be add-ons
Read your Peach Erotica , and blush at the thought that I urged you to write with more Rablasian abandon-
Loved it .
The music must be from W Donegal- was it someone - Ni Braonain- oh the Irish gut stringed harp

Sun, September 7th, 2008 12:31am

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