A Wish On Your Leaving

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a prayer for someone departing
a wish that mine will be equally magnanamous

Submitted: August 22, 2008

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Submitted: August 22, 2008



Leave no burden when you go;
No legacy no trace of hate;
Nor baggage;
No shawl of acrimony,
No cowl of bitterness
No furrowed anguish on the brow
Nor woe for another to endure,
Burn these in your last cauldron
In a fiery blaze
And let that fire temper your last resolve
And fortify you on your journey
And help you on your way
These are useless now
However fiercely the once burned
They are a heat without light
A drowning man's clasp
Of the facile things that weigh you now
Let them go.
And burn
And let that furnace bring only warmth
To those who come this way.
For this is my lonely furrow now
And for those who’ve gone before
I can bask;
In the some warmth of their intimated love .

Leave not the smouldering embers of hatred once fierce

Leave only the warmth of reconciliation
And at the vexed and troubling crossroads

Leave a sign to say you tarried there and gave thought

And when others come to this way,
They will see your anguish dissipate as a cloud
Or maybe
Gain some solace in
A star that was once your inspiration

And will guide them through when there seems only cloud

Blinding them from sky and constellation
You may be there in the nothingness of sound
In the breeze that turns the face

That breath that comes and whispers through stonewalls

Or in the haunting echo of a song
That image of a memory that comes before the event
And someone you were thinking of
Appears around the corner of the street.
Leave something so I will know
That the empty place you left behind
Is full of the traces of your evidential being

And I can take solace there awhile before I too move on

And hopefully I can leave a trace of mine.

And mark this spot so that others too may linger and reflect.

And maybe take some solace that we both also lingered here a while.

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