Alter Boy's awakening

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piety and mystery confused
an awakening to the carnality
which he cant understand

Submitted: August 27, 2008

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Submitted: August 27, 2008



Leaving the sacristy I again took the biscuit tin,

I checked my gown for the morning mass and

Saw the clean cruets ready for 7 o clock,

Cycling down along the canal .
 To the sanctified place the nuns had ,
Beside the river

As an alter boy the doorman let me in with a resentful tedious wave

That had become his face

And why he always looked so resentful I never knew

They said he was a drinker.

Tapping once on the hallowed door of the enclosed convent

I glanced disrespectfully at the wire  wed scaled last night to catch the evening rise of trout

Pledged to silence as they were the only nun I knew to speak was an oldish one

With a smell of candles and cinders

She was always bent in some pain or other and always said

I wonder when
Theyre coming down.
But a younger nun came this day.

 whose this strange boy she said breaking ger oath of silence I thought.

Oh The sacrisctry boy
Which confused me a bit.

They usually just siglanled or clapped their hands as if they were calling chickens,

But this one was much younger than the rest ;

She put her waspish finger to her mouth and signalled me to follow and this confusd me .

I was usually sent round the back where they baked the hosts,  but she

Now led me throught the inner hall which amazed me in its size .

Down a coridoor she led saaaaaaayig

- dont be afraid .. we dont bite you know

She was actually speaking this woman of silence , which also surprisd me

It must have been around the angelus time , but their bell had such a flimsy sound that you arely heard it .

But I could hear the other nuns singing through the walls that majestic musuc that made thenm holy

- you dont talk much little man she said

- were noy always silent you know,

As we passed along the dim corridors I was thinking of what they said had said that each nun only a room the size of herself and her own coffin in that cell .

- youre a thinking boy arent you she said

- dont you ever speak ?

I trembled at the thought but now I asked her if it was true about the cels and the coffins

- ahh she said

- - do you want to see my cell .

Yes .

She took rom her habit a chain of keys and opened the cell , opened the door and said

- look

I steped into the cell....

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