Autumn love and the autumn of a love

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memory of a girl i loved ; and let her drift away or maybe hunted her away without regard for her tenderness
a night when my guilt overwhelmed me without a word

Submitted: August 16, 2008

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Submitted: August 16, 2008



A pallid Moon rose slowly over the mountain;

On the eastern shore of the Lake;

As we sat there sipping wine ;

Watching its ascending majesty.

It was a harvest moon nearly at its full –

A silent orange glow throwing golden shards across the lake

To just below our feet –
A carpet to its very heart.

And as the deepening purple filled the valley;

And the first star appeared; you pointed to Jupiter

and said- make a wish.

Its not a star I said and you went again into your silent hurt,

And as each star gently punctured the canopy of the night;

I saw each infidelity grow more stark;

Each time I betrayed you ;

Each sin against your r softest nature;

Brought with it the guilt of the unfolding dark.

Wes sat there till the chill

of the September evening drove us back inside the pub

And that spell; that enchantment

Which should have been ours to share

Went behind that other cloud which had drifted between our souls .

And we also feel that spiritual chill of imminent loss .

You would leave soon .

The moon would settle in the west

And Jupiter with its moons would follow,

And the countless stars which numbered my infidelities to you

Would flicker out .

And all would rise after sunset tomorrow.

But by then you’d be gone.

And you were after all your ultimata.

And would you believe I went there last night ;

and remembered that ;
Final time we had together;
We made love that night ; curious because neither of us
were really in the mood

And I realised that night was almost thirty years ago.

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