Black Sheep

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Just a few thoughts on a herd of sheep ; one black one
all the baggage he carries
but does he know he'd black
and are all the others so certain theyre whire

Submitted: May 30, 2009

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Submitted: May 30, 2009



Passing a herd of sheep today
There in herd of twenty or so
There among their fleeces of snow
One sheep stood out ; stark; jet- black
Black as even the raven carrion crow
Blacker that the hawthorn sloe
But no hint of feeling did he show

As I wondered if he knew he was black
Or if the others each was sure
That they were white
And free of that cursed legacy
And that they were equally as pure.
And consider him impure
And lacking their snow-white allure

Did that black sheep alone
Struggle with his flawed pedigree
Or did he even notice or care
That his coat of this variety
Had labelled him with such notoriety,
And impropriety ; and did he languish in anxiety
At the obscenity ; banished to the fringe of sheep society

Does he know he carries such baggage
For not just sheep but also for all errant men
Who wander from the righteous path
Who go the way of miscreants and thieves
That he carries always the curse of Cain
And to this curse he’s shackled in chain
In saecula seculorem Amen ; Amen

But I thought why worry
He’s a sheep and happy in his coat ;
Its me I worry about in mine
And further I do note
That from this animal I’m quite remote
Its really ‘ whatever floats your boat ‘
Or so some happy hippy wrote .

After all
He’s not an ugly duckling
Buckling under the incessant
Unbecoming chuckling

No , I reconsidered this lofty thought
And to the subject strong logic brought

And repositioned him in homophony deep

He’s just the Ba Ba black sheep
-no one’s fool

Ask him ; ask him
Has he any wool ?

Yes sir yer sir

Three bags full

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