Cedo... I think

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if youre not in the mood to hear a rant of the dubious nature of our Universe .. give this one a skip

Submitted: December 28, 2009

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Submitted: December 28, 2009



Credo - I think ………….

There are  100 million galaxies or so they say
And within each there are a 100 million suns or so they say
And they’ve calculated the exact time the universe began
10 to the power of minus twenty seven seconds  or so , they figure

But when you figure how insignificant is our out fragile planet
Within the vastness of the  cosmos  which is only twenty per cent matter anyway
All the rest is dark energy or dark matter so they say

And that’s a guess right now because they cant see or measure
Dark matter or dark energy
It only has to be there because it ties up the strings of rules we call physics
And somehow makes these  things explicable within these rigid rules of our comprehending

And I lie here on the beach looking up , these cloudless nights
And I wonder if men ;much wiser  men than us will somewhere in the future gather
And chuckle at the little knowledge  we had back then  and with faint praise wonder
‘and marvel saying ‘Now ’ wer’nt  they  really great to figure out as much as they did  

With clumsily hydran collidors
And the little bits of atoms they couldn’t see
But only guessed they were there
Because it fitted their  simplistic view of time/space ; Newton and Einstein
And the composition of matter itself

And then I wonder if in this great immensity
As the creator - the Moving Force
Might have just forgotten something  smaller than a grain of sand
In all the deserts of the earth , as he kept creating more time and space
And left that little blue planet way back there like a fotnote in his great schemem of things
And left us alone , forgotten , forlorn and irresponsible like when they kids are home alone

After all he’d had on his mind
Fourth and fifth dimensions
And why not eleven.
Eleven is a nice number for dimensions
It fits snugly between the incomprehensible and the unbelievable

And lets say a dozen universes
All running in parallel , you understand
To keep things simple .
And ease their troubled minds

In the end I think I’ll go with those who
Just don’t try to figure
Because there will always be smaller bits of atoms to disassemble
And further galaxies and universes to discover ;

And  anyway , isn’t it all a bit like the weather
Like Groucho said
‘’They keep talking about it
But no one does anything about it anyway’’

Or do I really Credo anything at all..

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