Christmas eve - An small but unexpected spectalcle

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Just a moment of hope on the streets of my town today..
the capacity of the young for the charity I so frequently , and so wrongly condemn them for abandoning.

Submitted: December 24, 2009

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Submitted: December 24, 2009



The songbirds are hushed so early in the evening
As the frost creeps along the ground
And  the  lengthening shadows
Slip away  so early , like  surrendering souls to rest
This Christmas eve  

The dusting of snow
That  smartens the cobwebs
Of last nights  Christmas party
Di d I Did’nt I
Oh I Never  ! - yes you did !

The myriad voices shrill ; they chime along the street
In  the warm fusion of steam breathed greetings
Where friends embrace and kiss cheeks drawn tight as drum skin in the cold
And the merry colours sparkle in the freezing frost Like exotic jewels fallen  from  the East

Old enmities  suspended  
Old grouches mollified  with seasonal flirtation
Old incorrigible s indulged  ,
And smiled upon condescendingly

Choral singers on the path
Red nosed and merry with punch
Like reindeer slung together
On a rein of weaving harmonies

An old man shuffles on the path
Uncertain of his gait
But certain he’s overspent his budget
Certain he cant afford to break his  hip again.

With  a fierceness in his tightened jaw
Forges on against the tide of people
Coming in to town , as he heads home

In a little expected scene
Two teenage boys
Take him by each arm
And for a moment  he looks with terrified amaze

Then his features soften and his eyes widen in his toothless smile
As they take him gently along
And he says - well I never recognized   you; never not in a thousand years
Is it Jake or Rocco or some Hollywood name ?
His neighbor's children grown to men so soon.
But his happiness is as evident
as is  the gentle strength he derives
From  his young escorts
As they bring him home

And he’d just been thinking in his lonely struggle ‘gainst the current
With all the fuss and bustle,
And youngsters ; blasted youngsters ; throwing snowballs
Sliding on the ice , and not a single prayer among them ;
Not one ; not one - he’d been thinking - this Christmas eve ,

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