Climate change and Bob Dylan

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faith based religion
Bob Dylan the prophet

Submitted: October 05, 2008

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Submitted: October 05, 2008




Part of the problem with a strict interpretation of science is vanity or delusion. This is also the problem with religion- any religion.
Faith based religion (is there another kind?) is just that; based on blind faith. I will hold with any holder of a belief system as long as he believes ;or at least I'll walk part of the road with any one who has one (or none as the cliché goes)
. At the end of this enchanting journey we will either differ or agree; but we should each enjoy one another's company and enjoy the view as we go. Because all we, all; any of us have is part of the walk to go and only a miniscule part of the view.
But I'll leave the last word to Dylan - 'You don’t have to be a weatherman to see which way the wind blows '
But then I reflect. Mr Zimmerman borrowed his very name from the poet Dylan Thomas.
So I'll put it another way; when the last neutrino fades in to the last singularity. and we all dissappear into where we were before 10/ -27seconds -( fondly referred to as the big bang ) and as God chuckles to himself I think he wont be playing Baach.. but perhaps the words of John Lennon when they played live to the first Telstar intercontinental TV broadcast... Nothing you can know that isn’t known.. All you need is Love . Love .. Love is all you need .

Has the strict chastity of profound learning cudgelled of your pursuit - deprived you of humour , imagination . the expansiveness and profligate exuberance of youth and all its utter irresponsibility .
Don’t be so dam sober . someone ( who features in my work ) said to me recently . ‘ we haven’t long left .. none of us ..’ – we were at a funeral , where all lies and realisations collide and truth and fancy parley at last and do a three hand jig with one another –that’s death .It brings me to life in a macabre sense do tombstones graveyards .. obituaries. But I say to myself ..I’m only here to be a scourge on others. and then I returned to one of my favourite books .. the Wind in the Willows..

And so today I bought myself a speed boat..
And tomorrow I shall b weToady of Toad Hall and the day after , remorseful and .. well thinking about those fucken chimneys
If that I were that age again when I was so troublesome to my parents I’m afraid id do it all again .. same way.
I still don’t know for sure what happens if you threw a live cartridge into a homely fire ..I tried I tried. but domesticity and an impending threat of expulsion from the Jes emasculated my progress ..but funnily I met the prof of chemistry in the boat club last week…put it to him .. he wasn’t sure..Seamus was his name… he has the biggest arsenal of guns in the country ..told me he was doing a study of how a bullet could pierce a skull..pigs I had stolen his ladder.. he having a capitalists boat had t the ladder. Told him I had seen results of same .on human skull . He said ah . took his ladder back.. and I thought
‘ happiness is a warm gun’

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