Does it matter -If we're just Matter bastards

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a police about matter
do we really exist ?
or are a freak of celestial poker

Submitted: November 23, 2008

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Submitted: November 23, 2008



You see - there was matter and anti matter'

and when these unhapy entities collied;

They extinguished one another;

And there was only the residue of implosions
explosions- unions - reunions - celestial debautchery .
We are the forgotten orphans of the expnading Universe
From that event at ten to the power of minus of 37 seconds-
Thats an important date to remember -

Its just about a thousand thrillon years ago

or so

or so

but dont ever forget that date

- its our communal anniversity

Most especially because from that instant

Wnen these was no time or space.

We are only the unloved orphan sin between.

We are but a temporary arangement of photons, electrons , quarks , neutrons

Occupying the matter where dark energy and dark matter

simply ignore .

And maybe there are some other things

they know about but havent yet given a name like quarks;

a name they borrowed from joyce's Finnegans wake l

LIke ' quarks'

And in the end , the thesis goes
We'll all be absorbed into anti matter again.

Does this give you hope.

Not me !
Playing dice with God is a losers game
Im backing the 14th paralell universe
And if they go to a 15 th
I dont really mind
Because it really
Doesent matter
Not one whit !

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