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thinking the other night out fishinh in the dark of our summer midnight .. all the things that seem to easily explained by logic , rationale rhetoric- these all dissipate under the mysterious heavens ,universe or many iniverses; time

Submitted: June 28, 2009

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Submitted: June 28, 2009



Its easy in the cold daylight
To figure how simple science can so expansively explain the Universe
Without the smallest doubt
How the light from the Deneb star
Left that sun when Nero was just a boy.
And we’re just seeing it now .
That’s all

Its easy to understand how Krick could say
With an armoury of The DNA helix under his belt
And a Nobel in his pocket.
Easy to say how a thought is just a transient episodic electronic movement
Zapping the trough the pathways of the neural cortex.

But impossible now in this unlit place
Adrift on the dark and placid lake;

To say that he was even remotely right

Easier to look into the heavens and wonder why my certainties
Are now full oh holes and so uncertain
Much more easy to accept why I simply don’t know
Whether the universe is expanding or imploding
Or even in a static state.

I wonder more and more in my unstable state
If God is the Great Mover
Because he was stable when the Universe was expanding
And therefore he alone , imobile when all was movonh

Simply had to be god.

And I wonder if in the vastness of the universes or two or three
And some more learned say with assuredness it is seven or twelve
How arrogant is our understanding of the world we sat we know

And understand
And how naive out explanations
In terms of atoms , electrons , quarts and the speed of light
And how that beautifully framed equation
E equals MC squared
Could be so fatally and catastrophically so flawed.

Yet we insist that it is so
When even in Las Vegas
They couldn’t take such a chance
With a roll of the dice
Without ringing upstairs of course

But could they really ever say
In Los Alamos

Or in Oak Ridge with their Chrysler machines
Or withla the most superlative AutoCAD

Invent a thing so beautiful ,
As this place
..Well my selfish place
In the middle of the Lake
On athis mid Summer’s night

When bats and specters

Flit seamlessly about

ANd the night is full ;
Full of the doubts
Which make us dream
Even Dream..

My bet is No

Not a hope and even in Los Vegas

My guess is that they'd ring upstairs

To ask the Boss

If they could take the bet

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