For all defiled chldren - Their Mercy and Delivarance from a Corrupt and defiled Catholic Church

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Is any explanation necessary ?
If you live outside Ireland this is a polemic about the publication this week of the findings of an investigation of child sexual abuse at the hands of priests, brothers , nuns - systematically over 40 years +
The church hierarchy in many cases promoted known offenders and put them in charge of orphanages , schools , kindergarten s - the hierarchy conspired and colluded to make available to these recidivist pedophiles a continuous stream of ' fresh ' children .
The men with the roman collars who dress as medieval princes on the altar on Sundays did these appalling things to children none of whom had no advocacy groups to articulate their torture at the hands of these vile and odious men of the cloth.
When the police tried to investigate these crimes they were rebuffed by the clergy; when they sought assistance from the Vatican they were simply refused . Now we are told that the police didnt use the correct diplomatic channels to access the information they required . '' diplomatic channels''?
Did the crucified Christ use diplomatic channels to save his skin?

The episode described in this piece is recorded in the report published on Friday 28.Nov.2009
But it is worse .
I knew the child. At least knew of her . I attended this orphanage during the course of my professional life. She took her own life aged 37.
Her violator is still at large . He is in his 70s now , retired from the priesthood - but living in a community who make regular collections for his maintenance. He lives shamelessly in a country residence . He still rides out with the hounds of East Galway

Any or all of the Irish Newspapers of this past week will verify this story.
The first quotation is from Martin Luther King - Protester and reformer of the Catholic church , whose writings led to the reformation and counter-reformation and established Protestantism as the Faith of the king of England - Henry v111, who used the church , in coming its supreme leader for the purpose of his prolific fornication .
The second is from Paul Mc Cartney's Let it Be

The last quotation Luther's statement when he was forced to resile from his 95 doctrines, which he nailed to the church in Gotten berg cathedral defying the pope to defend principally ''Simony'' - the selling of pardons by the church to the wealthy for their sins .

Submitted: November 27, 2009

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Submitted: November 27, 2009



"Unless I am convinced by proofs from Scriptures or by plain and clear reasons and arguments, I can and will not retract, for it is neither safe nor wise to do anything against conscience.

Martin Luther .

Somehow there’s always a way to see the light
Somewhere there’s always some place to hope
Sometimes we makes room for justice and understanding .

Someone above the lofty towers of wigs and gavels
Within the furze and bracken of turgid rhetoric,
Of oppression and a dark despair
Of subjugation of the spirit and soul

Sometimes a simple candle is sufficient
To guide you on your way home and,

Wherever that may be
I wish you well on your journey there

Luxury and easy living come easy for some as birthright
Privilege is assumed , not earned
Wealth and affluence seems theirs by destiny

But how would you feel if you'd had to trade

Shoes with the little boy who'se shoe it has no soul

And his spirit houses another weary soul ; devoid of optimism or pride
Nor either has he change of clothes
As he gets into his cold dormitory orphanage bed

And his sister has toiled all day in the steaming laundey

Her little hands wrinkled like bird claw from the coarse suds

Why would or should you trade places with them either

Yet he and she are with us , among us
And still we look away

As princely men who dress in medievlal garb on the Altar each Sunday

But by night these monsters prowl the corridoors

Stalking , in the dark they come upon her little steel cot

Where now is that gentle sun that shines for her
Where is the hope but just beyond the grasp of prayer

Why do we throw our quilt before them , in shame .
In expectation of atonement and pardon
With some idle platitude or worse -

The presumption of forgiveness


The little girl lay in paroxysms of agony ,

She lay frozen , petrified in her steel cot
As the priest penetrated her vagina

With a cruciffex
And then worse...

He orders her to turn over

And lie on her back...

Where now is that gentle Nazarine for her ?

Is He is this monsters gift

To change bread and wine ?

As he beatifies his own depravity

His beastly instinct

As now with his brutish fist he penetrates her anus

With his crucifix ..

As the child cries out in terror

He tells her - Be Quiet - it's the wish of God.

When I find myself in times of trouble
Mother Mary comes to me
Speaking words of wisdom
Let it be -

Paul Mc Cartney

Here I stand. I can do no other. God help me. Amen."

Martin Luther

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