From the Valley of Baalbek - Aesops ass's opinion

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this one carries a warning
' knowledge of Latin and the Classics a pre requisite - a Jesuit edudacion desireable .
Phd in Phil or Greek mythology would be helpful.
Not to be read after dinner , best read with a joint in one hand and a glass of burgundy in the other - the cigar is optional.
classical style , not for beginners
leave this one to the scholars .

Submitted: December 18, 2008

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Submitted: December 18, 2008



Think of the fox

who told the lion,

he'd eaten the bold kings dinner,

He's the one who prompts this tale

For he's the original sinner,

Dignum et Justum est.

Avoid the cat
Sitting on the mat ,
He’s really esoteric..
But , alas, to the mouse he's very unheroic.

Caiaphas , has cast his vote
Upon the Nazarene
But who is there

To sit and judge that boorish Philistine.

Only he with a wit so keen as

Nero ,who sees the soaring flames with joy
And rosins up his bow.

And plays a merry tune , to a harlot in his bed so coy.

In Baalbek come and see ;
The herb they they found that;

Golden essence of the East,

And with abandon let it grow.

Where Incas trade led men to the west

And their wisdom there they endeavourde to sow

Dignum et justum est

Urbi et orbi

Icarus from his father flew ; to high
To high, to where it was too hot.
In the sombre , ivory cellar
Where he titillates the moon
Lest she cast her eye on another feller
And he might fall into that pool ; swoon
Where the image , reflects the lie

Urbi et orbi

Non est factum

Hey there little pretty boy,
Bet you haven’t got a toy
To tautologise the ploy
For it would surely annoy,
Aesop ‘s ass lodged at the Savoy.

So I say Ahoy !
Pretty boy .
Whose name is Roy.
Ahoy pretty boy . Ahoy !!
Non est factum

Non Compus mentis.

How deep the writing of the wizard .
How low the belly of the lizard
What takes the fantasy of his magic
Serenely , divinely , then tragic.

Let us flee with him on his carpet
And for the course of Pegasus , the compass be set,

For there will be wizardry there tonight
But flee we must before the last of twilight
Should fade and cease this apalling charade .
That sadly brought you to this page .

Non Compus mentis.

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