Girl eating an oyster -

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there are are many ways of looking at a girl eating an oyster
there is the oyster's point of view
and the viewer's point of view

Submitted: October 01, 2008

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Submitted: October 01, 2008



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The Oyster’s view,

Wrenched from my oyster bed

With a dredge of clawing steel

I languish gasping on a linen lined crucible

Waiting for that lancet to cleave my deep crevasse

And sear my clasped pearl white hymen

She takes my slimymollusc being



Wide eyed in her satin manicured hands

Watches the white of my floating flesh

In my last saline balm.

And with concealed revulsion, coquettishly

She slithers me down the vermilion tunnel of her gullet

And the acids pour and scorch every part of my being

Her View

She swallows; she smiles .Blows a kiss

To her lover in the gathered caucus

To a cheer while he feels
And knows there is

A pressing promise for the

Urgent stirring of promise in his loins.

She’d swallowed

tosses her hair

Just another nmssion complete



I look from without ; with withering and unscuperous eyes

an observers on the brink

I see her sculptured nails

At 250 a hand

She partied with the gilt edged caucus

She; a former oyster queen

Under the patrons tent

Throws back her head like a race horse after his win

And senses the deep success of her inssouciaant display of fellatio.

Down, devilish and all so daring.


The consequence

And they take another bottle from the magnum

And spray the gathering in exuberant jubilation.

Jubilanty. triumphant

They pay the Jazz band ssome more

And some fool sings to the key of G -

and misses it . quite wildley and yet bodly

When I'm sixty four.

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