Is Obama a Lion or a mule ?

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where did all the soaring oratory fail
why is there a global financial crises ; who has the stack of cards?
Why continue 2 unattainable war policies in Iraq and Afghanistan

Submitted: August 13, 2010

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Submitted: August 13, 2010



 " We Can do "

What has happened  to Obama ?  Where has the dream gone so fatally wrong.

The slogan ‘’ Yes We Can ‘’ which rang out all along the Potomac on a November night  and echoed  and chimed  like cathedral bells the world over  - that all embracing  adamant  searing roar of hope and possibilities. Where has it all gone wrong .
 Has the speech Obama made then and his Cairo speech  become  dreams of derision ?

When the vileness of the Bush era and the neo-con philosophy seemed at last to be set aside and a new engagement with the ‘’trustedcop ‘’ of the USA with the world was at hand and democracies in the west and theocracies in the east waited  and a vision of Global justice seemed so near . Where has it all gone wrong.?

How soon would he end the War in Iraq ; how soon would he close Guantanamo Bay., finish the war in Afghanistan ; And domestically how would he deliver on his health plan.?

No doubt his aspirations were noble and ambitious . He seemed prepared to bite the bullet ; even put himself in the sights of an assassins cross-hairs to fulfil his mission. He was unfairly gifted with a messianic stature ; and the world waited . The world waited for the “ we have done “ part .
Was it all an illusion ? One that we collectively bought in to ?

Had we ad all in our collective euphoria been  , deafened by the musical cadence of his voice , and the inspiration of his rhetoric ,?
Or is it that Obama has  never really had his eyes on the  prize.?

Taking up the office of president of the USA the aspirant must be courageous , wealthy  and be prepared to put his life in peril.
Obama didn’t come from a political dynasty ; nor was he wealthy . But he was courageous and his financing came from ordinary people who went online to make humble offerings to his campaign. But they contributed in a measure equal to their passion for a new regimen free of the people who  had contaminated the previous administration ;eg  ; Cheney , Rumsfield .

So 2 years on what has happened .?
There is in addition to the war on terror , a war of a more insidious nature raging in Afghanistan .
There is the continuing war Iraq , where troops will be drawn down on schedule .
There is the economic crises .

Why ?
Why is there an economic crises . ? We have the same wealth, recourses , creativity and inspiration on this planet as before .Only some one has the money and wont pass is round the table like in a game of poker .- thats economics - thats the “ macro “ stuff. The rest of us tremble at the thought of spending any savings we have .
Why ?

 Did Obama make too many enemies on the road of his progression to the White house ?
Did he not see that some of the odds were stacked against him.?

So he will terminate the war in Iraq ; How ? By leaving mercenaries  ( and ther are many of these )  to oversee that the  wealth of Iraq is distributed to western  multinational corporations ?

Will these mercenaries in turn be accomidated by corporations such as Haliburton ?

The war in Afghanistan is unwinable . It is too ill -defined  That’s why the Afghanistan  president Nouri el Malaki is now negotiating with the Taliban , in advance  his anticapaton of a  withdrawal of the international forces who are at present reviewing their individual their evacuation plan .  The Brits want out . So do so many other contributng countries.Their politicians are realising  at last that the people are speaking out .

  What mother wants to see her son come home in the last coffin from Iran or Afghanistan?

 What soldier wants to be the last man standing in an ignoble war ?
Think of the evacuation of troops from Vietnam. This evacuation is recorded on film and is available to all to see . And what was achieved there ?

The troops will be withdrawn . But what will have been achieved ?
 Will the world be any safer or will the  East and West be as divided , or more so that before ? Will the Israeli / Palestinian conflict be more vehement than before .

I only ask ? I don’t know .
But I do know that having participated in the UNIFIL mission over a period of 19 years , I do know that out mission was a failure at the cost of thousands of lives.

Yes ,  I too failed in my humble participation in a mission whose primary tenet was to  “confirm the withdrawal of Israeli forces to thei pre ‘67 borders.”

Our troops were withdrawn and the mission statment " to confirm the withdrawal  .. to the pre 1967  borders " ..was not achieved . I think it was UN Resolution 424 .

But so what . Is it all about numbers ; numbers from the price of a persons life; the price of a barrel; of oil ; numbers on stock exchanges ; the number of headstones in futile wars.?
  as was
We as a collective global community should now realise that our soldiers are “the lions led by mules“ as was said of soldiers led by generals in WW 1.

However unpleasant it sounds , may I ask was Obama another mule and were we all duped on that November night over the Potomac river ?

I only ask .

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