Israel may investigate its own soldiers for possible War Crimes

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the evidence stacking up against Israeli disproportionate military action in Gaza. the allegations of ethnic cleansing. the denial of Red Cross access to the afflicted .
the denial of Palestinians the dignity to bury their dead,
Bombing schools , clinics , hospitals , water and sewage facilities..
and now confessions from Israeli soldiers of possible war crimes.. why did Omert see fir to line op a defence team for the army even before any allegations were made against them

Submitted: March 24, 2009

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Submitted: March 24, 2009



Whether an allegation of war crimes is made against Israel by the UN the Eu , Russia or ( least likely) by the USA, the stock answer of the Israeli military and any putative government , will be that the allegations are unbalanced , that Israel retains the right to defend her citizens , that Israel displayed exemplary caution and restraint during the invasion of Gaza.
An inkling as to the sincerity of this position can be gleaned from the fact that Omert had arranged a legal defence for the army well before any allegations were made.
That he should have deemed it necessary to have made provisions for lawyers for the army in this manner suggests that there was an ethos of complicity in the perpetration of war crimes hard wired into the military campaign , from the Omert government , at an early stage in the campaign.
Despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary , Mark Regev is already parroting the same tierd old victimhood lines to the world press.
Where the Israelis have blocked supply lines from the International Red Cross for days on end , and where international reporters stood with these Red Cross workers Regev has and will continue to deny that it happened.
His recent interview with a BBC interviewer , who pilloried his feeble defenses ,fragment ing his utterly flawed rhetoric , left him not in the slightest way even embarrassed . Regev is either the ultimate and most consumate Zionist zealot or the most capable master of deception and appeaser of a genocidal policy within Israel.
When the Palestinians were refused to remove their dead Mr Regev will have another equaly assinine defense -’ we cooperate fully with the international Red Cross at all times.- is a line he resorts to quite frequently.
That the Isrealis have targeted clinics , hospitals , schools water and sewage facilities and that it legitimizes these targets while still denying access to Palestinians within Gaza , and only allows trucks containing aid in on a selective basis is further evidence of Israel’s determination to perpetuate their manifest ethnic cleansing of Gaza.

Building materials have at least until very recently , not been allowed pass throught the border crossings , thus thwarting any attempt at reconstruction , or even essestial repairs, and with the region warming paving the way for a multitude of outbreaks of infectius disease.
Admittedly , under the scrutiny of the world press, they have strategically allowed the convoy led by Mr George Galloway through. Not to have done so would have been deemed to a strategic gaffe.

But there are sufficient gaffes coming from within the Israeli military now. The admission that the soldiers used depraved and deadly tactics not just to kill the innocent Gazan civilians - one quarter of whom are children , and that these admissions include tactics designed and calculated to demean an already overwhelmed and fenced in population on non combatants ; - these may prove difficult even for the Israelis to defend .
They may well resort to the Bart Simpson defence - I didnt do it - You cant prove that I did it, - and even if I did it - no one saw me do it.

Is it likely that Israeli soldiers will be allowed even if they wished , to do so;, to give evidence against one another.
That the Israeli army should be allowed to investigate their own atrocities should and will not be countenanced by the world court.Whether they do so or not should not concern the civilised world,

The only reliable investigation which could credibly investigate allegations or war crimes (on BOTH SIDES) are members of the International Community ; the Red Cross,United Nations Commission on Human Rights (UNCHR) the International Court of Human Justice , (The International Court of Justice (known colloquially as the World Court .)

But will the Army subject themselves to prosecution by the ICHJ - or UNCHR.

And what about Mr Mitchell , who so painstakingly sought peace in Northern Ireland - or Ms Clinton - where will these stand when the evidence stacks up in such a disproportionate manner .?

Yes of course there are war crimes to be investigated on the Palestinian side also; the use of human shields, the relentless bombardment with quassam rockets, .the targeting of civilian populations . These must be investigated with no less degree of scrutiny and without the yokel of the ‘ victimhood ‘ emasculation .

Alegations of war crimes shoulld be persued with all the rigour at the disposal of the investigating authority. Where war crimes have been proved , the perpetrators must be punished , from the botttom up- ie from the private soldier up to the highest genneral. Alternatively the course adopted in the Neurenberg trials could be adopted.

Where Government or an official organ of government was deemed to be complicit , a course of sanctions should be applied which is proportionate to the extent of complicity .

Finally , If we reflect on Operation Grapes of Wrath , whereby the Israeli army killed over one hundred civilians seeking refuge in a UN compound in Qana , Southern Lebanon , we must not expect any revelations from the Army in this more recent and much more barbaric case .

- but we will again hear the Holocaust argument - the Chosen People Argument ,

The drumbeat of the moraly dumb is already beating.

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