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Mala a 14 year girl was shot by the Taliban on her school bus last week .
She is in a coma , and her life remains in peril following an operation to remove a bullet from her brain

Submitted: October 14, 2012

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Submitted: October 14, 2012



Ms. Mala Yousafzai, was 11 years of age when she first became aware of the Taliban and their opposition to the education of young girls. She statred a blog under a pseudonom ,pouring scoorn on the retro -revisionism of the Taliban . Growing up in the North West passage region of Pakistan Mala would have become aware of the Taliban at an even earlier age .
After the Russians had failed to supress the Mujadeen in Afhanistan they finally withdrew. The Mujadeen had been covertly supported by the USA. But the region had remained unconquerable- the Briitish tried and failed to subdue them in the 19 century - Then the Russians.

The Muslim polulation are a determined people . They are singularly minded and are most tenacious in devoutly retaining their religious and tribal values
When the Russians failed , and after 9/11 the US focused then their sights on the North West region of Pakistan and the Torb Bora mountain region , where they thought Bin Laden was hiding out.
In the interim( after the Russians and before the US) the Taliban had formed a sizeable population in the region as she grew up .
As a Muslim girl living in rural Pakistan she could have expected a normal education , with the possibility of going on to high school and eventually university.
But the Taliban have a different attitude to women and young girls. They meet out their own barbaric treatment to women who commit adulatary . It is always the woman who pays . The treatment is swift and brutal. The woman is dragged into the village square , or the nearest football stadium , She is place her in a sack and stoned her to death . There are several videos of this on youtube

Until 2007, when the Taliban came to power in the Swat Valley, it had been a haven for honeymooners and was known as the Switzerland of Pakistan for its beautiful, mountainous landscape.But the group's hold over the region instilled fear in the population and made it dangerous for young girls to get an education. The Taliban burned down hundreds of schools for girls and threatened teachers and female students.

Mala would have been aware also that the Taliban had plundered some of the most ancient and revered stone carvings in history :She would have been about 3 years of age when the Taliban blew u the he Buddhas Statues of Bamiyan : built 6th century , monumental statues of standing buddha- standing at about 150 feet and carved into the side of a cliff in the Bamyan valley in the Hazarajat region of central Afghanistan, The statues represented the classic blended style of Gandhara.

The main bodies were hewn directly from the sandstone cliffs, with the finer features modeled in mud mixed with strawand , to enhance the expressions of the faces, hands and folds of the robes; Of the two the larger one was painted carmine red and the smaller one was painted multiple colors.

The statues were dynamited and destroyed in March 2001 by the Taliban, on orders from leader Mullah Mohammed Omar after the Taliban government declared that they were idols. Despite the fact that these statues were treasures of our world antiquity these degenerate men just blew them up on a whim.

So it was that last week , these gunmen boarded a bus carrying schoolgirls last week. They opened fire hitting Mala in the head , neck and chest . Another girl was also shot but her injuries were less serious.
Mala 's condition was critical as she was brought from the bus to a Pakistani military hospital . Her life lay in peril for the following hours as surgeons worked desperatly to remove a bullet from her brain.
Mala survived the operation .Her ccondition remains perilous . At any time she could develop an intracranial bleed and her life could be over in an instant.

She is 14 yeard old , as she lies unconsious in a Pakistani hospital. The military have applealed to governments abroad to take her under their specialist care . As yet no country has come forward but it is hoped that the British may soon intervene .She needs to be under the care of a hoghly splecialist neur-surgical team.

A 14 year old girl shot by gunmen because her simply written blog was articulate and was to those who shot her , provocative .

In an interview she said of her activities she said

:'' "I realized the importance of education when it was banned in Swat," Malala said in an August interview with Black Box Sounds, a production company in Pakistan. "I wanted to be able to attend school again. I wished for peace in Swat and that I could go to school."

She was a threat to their backward thinking . The Taliban want to have women subdued. They want to keep women supressed - hence their denial of education to girls .
They are avid supporters of genital mutilation of young girls lest they get 'sexual urges ' for men after they marry. They dismiss the notion of a woman deriving any pleasure for the sexual act. A woman is simply a vessel for conception.
Under the Taliban regeim in NW Passage region a, girl used to be married by decree at 12-14 years of age . to a stranger or whoever the mullah deems appropiate . She rarely had a choice to fall in love and marry a sweheart. That is all piffle to the Taliban . She will marry whoever she is allotted to and she will bear him children .
Under conventions , if the wife fails to produce her husband children he can divorce her, and abandon her to the streets., without any consideration ffor compensation . As a 'defiled' woman then she will have little chance if remarrying .So she has to live on subsistence in whatever way she can.

Mala . in her own way was doing her bit to liberate girls and women , and has earned the national praise of the Pakistani people . A teenage girl , capable of causing such rancour to these primitive men , who feared her . They feared her ideas , and were intollerant oof her courage . and so they shot her on her school bus .

This young woman whose life still lies in the balance is an example to all free people. She is a figure of adulation to womanhood : an heroic young mind who wanted to better her sex.

If you see a collection or a street petition for the support of Mala . please give generously to it.And write to your government and appeal to them to take her under their care in a neurological hospital.

Any support you give to Mala is an expression of revulsion to these men who use the Taliban banner as a convenience .

In all probaboility the Taliban will rule in all Afghanistan when the US army depart. We dont know how a Talabani government will treat women , or whether they will be allow a democratic election . If they do and the Afhans get a ''participatory government''-one of , by , and from the people - then the people will determine their own fate , and impose their own mores and cultural values on their own society. But that will be their choice and fate, and the West will have no right to further impose a regeime change or enforce western style democracy there .

But this is Pakistan , from where the Taliban have been banished . Yet they still had Mala in their sights, The Taliban have vowed tto kill Mala if she survives her ordeal.

Finally let us all , buddists , muslims , christians-all pray for the save delivery of her young life .


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