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the past year may not have been as good as you expected but it may not have been as bad as you had feared

Submitted: January 01, 2009

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Submitted: January 01, 2009



Ring out the old;

Ring in the new’

I always think that maybe there’s
An unbecoming sense of triumph
In that defiant welcome to the New Year

The enemy you know is better than the enemy you do'nt
And whatever bleak and desolate place last year
Left you floundering in

Never believe that not only could next year
May be as bad as you may fear
But much worse than all you could imagine.

Its like cleaning out the old shed and locking out the vagrant tramp
Who. seeking no charity sometimes found some simple shelter there

Like sneering the person who threw you the lifebelt
Now that you’ve safely made it ashore.
You don’t need the life belt now
That you’ve crossed the river in its swell.

And think of those who didn’t make it through last year
Is it not with a disrespectful haste that we
Dispatch their passing ,
A suggestion that because they didn’t make it
And we did - that They’re the losers.

Why sure they are .
But just as sure
Is the fact that will all face once more

Two occasions in our lives this new year.
The day we were borne will pass once more
But just as surely , will the anniversary of our death.

Let the party end
With peaceful respect
In gratitude rather than in haste
For all the goodness we were granted
And the misery , we were spared

' Ring happs bells;

Across the snow '

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