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paris hilton
posh spice etal

Submitted: September 26, 2008

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Submitted: September 26, 2008



I look,
I can see, readily
The order of your wealth
In your manicured lawns
Your flash jewellery
I look,
I see some more
And maybe peevishly
I also see some thing in those four SUVs
Parked in your garage
And endure your brashness, endlessly,
I look,
But I cant see, the landscape of your charity
Even a blessed semblance of modesty.
I look,
I can look into your virtuous mind
And I think so ponderously
Is this all there is of thee
I look,
C’osIf I look andthis is all t there is to thee ;
It quite simply eludes me ;
Why and what you possess;
So much, and give back lesserthan less
I look,
And ask; that I be delivered from this obscenity;
Your manicured minds;
Your and endless feverish demands
And thoughts of only self;
Deliver me rather into some obscure and distant serenity.
I pray. I Hope
I pray.

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