Ode to Thee Lonard Cohen

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just bought book of poetry of Mr Cohen's

22 years in the making - read it

Submitted: January 16, 2011

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Submitted: January 16, 2011



Its called Chloe

She kissed sublime ;  with so sojourn
And I asked for more
As she went down
And I said yes !
Though I am in my sixty seventh year
And she said ok!
But for a few dollars more ?
And for anything I said yes !!yes .!!.
For anything  would give up to half my purse!!!

My wild Mountain Flower!!

And she stopped
And s looked at what I’d slipped her ;

 - Ughhh!! !!- Canadian dollars .. What’ you take me for !! ????

And there were more !!’s  than ???

And the cat sprang on  the dining table
And the clock ticked ;- tockily in my fevered brain

As I thought ;

I thought of the sister of mercy
Who did it for free ..
And Suzanne ..
Though she cost me a breakfast
And more ..much more

Of the night ;
As was I ;
But I was also broke ..

So I sawed a tree down in that Wood
And carved this poem into it’s bark.
Having chopped the tree
No need to lose a dollar ,  where thee was  for free.
A tree ;


Its called Chloe
Just to make it two pages long

So I wrote a poem in my 77 th year

For suckers

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