Oh September

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dreaded Septemember

Submitted: September 10, 2012

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Submitted: September 10, 2012



Oh September !

You come in one dank dark night , in a robe of chilled raindrops
And Oh my heart yearns anew .
And know that I have left the ramparts of my freedom fall
In a cloud of distracted days of sun ans swimming on high tides

The mackerel shoals break the surf
beneath a parachute of white shrieking sea-gull wing.
It is September , and the neap tides are full
and the treachery of Autumn wavers on the threshold
of the year -when Oh ,my heart ached as a child ,
when the dreaded tyranny
of returning to school ,
loomed large with melancholy in each boy’s heart.

The first tide was full this noon ;
the second when at midnight from the causeway I see ,
wisps of vermillion silken strands
trailed across a menstruating moon

the silver shards of moonlight slice across the beach
and woos forth the creatures of the strands .
Sand eels , egg shelled crabs , crawling crookedly crankily,
like old men on sticks,
and lurking shrewd and cunning periwinkles ,
connive , snail -trailing in the glistening pools.

And oh my heart aches anew
with the wash of boyhood memories in my ears :
the sighs of drying sand ,
the placid whisper of barnacle’s crepitating , as they breathe anew upon the rocks :
the decadent whoompa from the jukebox ;
the clatter of from the one -arm -bandits , where old ladies
already in fur coats ,and cigarette drooping from scarlet smeared lips
feed two machines at a time , to align three scarlet cherries in a row:
The pull of lever and spin of spools and the fortune they greedily pursue
And will never spend , eludes them further at every squandered spin

Apples in once forbidden orchards hang limply on the bough
and fall on damp soil beneath the tree un-raided ,unloved , un-plucked
where once I in damp trousers under this same moon
I stole a furtive kiss and fumbled under defiant and resistant jumpers
forbidden flesh exquisitely for an instant ,beneath my frozen fumbling hand
with girls who always gave you less than
they gave to Johnny B

Serene and tranquil -smiling thief of Summer
bandit of unfulfilled fantasies
raider of the inexpressible adolescent imaginations.
September ; you come in one dank dark night :
And Oh ! my heart yearns anew

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