Our right to ban the wearing of the Crucifex

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the right od Britisg Ariways to ban the disporting of the crucifex

Submitted: February 11, 2009

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Submitted: February 11, 2009



British Airways  - right to ban the crucifix

BA – are right to ban the bearing of crucifix

The decision of British Airways to ban the wearing or bearing of the Christian crucifix is based on the stout resolution of the Airline which best upholds the empire and all she cherishes. BA has always been in a position to reflect globally all that is best in our democracy – It is a microcosmic representation of all that is great about Britain.
We did not fight wars to be dictated to by avante garde liberals who want to pander to the whims of pansies .the management have spoken; causa fineta.
How dare they challenge their betters? Since the war the underclass have been let get away with murder, they have got far above their station. All people neither are nor created equal. We have a monarchy, which attests to that, and our anthem espouses that very ethos lest we ever forget. We have sadly lost our empire, and the world is a poorer place because of it. When Britannia ruled there was justice, civilisation, propriety and a keen sense of feudal spirit.
We taught America how to create a country; we taught them the rule of law, and the very law itself. She has not always shown her loyalty to us, most notably during the Suez crises, which by any analysis was little short of a frank betrayal. We however in the true spirit of the phlegmatic nation that we are showed tolerance in their hours of amnesia; Britain is magnanimous, compassionate, understanding and most pivotal to any nascent civilisation – democratic.
This is why BA is so utterly correct to ban the bearing of the crucifix. Anyone who believes otherwise is either a pinko or is a subversive. Look always to your betters we say; and BA has done this nation proud in being the flagship of her majesty’s airline throughout the world – what was our world and as we say, a better place then.
History will record the unique civilisation we brought to untamed savaged in every continent; Britain was as fundamentally necessary to the uninitiated, baseness of the colonies as was Rome and Athens.
In carrying across the nations the emblem of BA, the airline bears the proud echoes of a tradition, which was forged in war and tempered in wisdom;
No crucifixes; BA says no.

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