Prayer On All Souls Night

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welcome the open gates for the spiritual world to be among us tonight
their being is as much there as ours is here

Submitted: October 31, 2008

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Submitted: October 31, 2008



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A cluster of leaves

Crimson. Ochre, vermilion; Purple

Lie dying in a crusted whispering collusion, at dusk

As Venus rises in the South


The blackbird that always waits for my car

To give me that impish furtive look

(I haven’t found her secret yet – she knows ;)

Scurries through the tangled bushes, waits my leaving to repair;

to her hidden lair.


As if all Nature waits this Halloween night

When the gates of the other world are opened and

The dead wander out and are headed for the

Sighing song of the clay, and settle there among the nest of dying leaves


They drift in thepurple hue and the dreaming , drifting clouds

Await their coming, as the sun sinks into the bay.

An early firework explodes in the distance,

A haunted dog yelps in terror.


Welcome back our beloved and not so loved

Fear not their ethereal being

They are as real as you and I –

We both have souls; only I can see mine.


And all that separate us is a corporal vessel- a body

Which houses mine and is visible;

They are also there, maybe in another, parallel world

Where matter doesn’t matter, and anti matter matters much

Who knows the boundless vastness of imagination?


Unlike space; never expanding or contracting;

But inventing always beyond the borders of conception

That is what I can’t conceive.


The capstones of the dolmens in the Burren,

Tremble at the awakening of this night,

As the constellations in legions are forming;

To grant the silent visitors a canopy of incandescent and welcoming delight

That is what I welcome tonight; these wandering souls who settle in subtlety;

Among the clustered crimson leaves;

And the dark hued sky;


In Crimson Ochre, Vermillion ;open the essence of your hospitality ; and let them peacefully lie.

May we all

Rest In Peace.



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