Raped by Regulus

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self explanatory i think
I was thinking what it would be like .
among the stars - just an imaginary flight of whimsy

Submitted: December 03, 2008

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Submitted: December 03, 2008



The tumescent rage of the ravenous Regulus
Hunts the gentle gibbous genitalia ,Ghia offers..
Who acquiesces to Orion’s charger
That belted constellation unbelted ,
in preparatory priapism

And akimbo to the incandescent spears
Of the interstellar parted mons .
The cherub of Nebulla
A paen to the twin of Castor
As the ogre’s urgency with pulseless palpitation

The climactic zenith of the congress
Explodes across the galactic elegance
With elegant anodyne the odyssey , conquered
And consummated
Cerulean seas weave on the lofty loom
A pattern of myriad scents
Incense and Mhirr , from Balbeck
The throne of Baachus

The Cyclops applauds
The heavens ,
As the molten flow rapture
Seeps from the cornucopia
From corriculed folds of vermillion
The Herculean feat is consummated
At last , the sea of superannuated innocence,
Swells in every untranquil water;
In joy.

Noctilucenct cloulds form on the heated brow of
A loin weary Neptune ,
Overly given to onanism ;
Appears in the maritime memory of bearded of visionaries
In wattled huts.

Sing with the aqueous Siren

At last ;
It is requited

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