Sex And The City

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just read it .
Its short.. thats all

Submitted: June 03, 2010

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Submitted: June 03, 2010



Sex And The City
Softness and Light

‘Soft’ is she who stoops to the beggar woman in the bazaar
‘ Harsh ‘is the eye that does not fawn at my designer clothes
‘Joy’ is winning the Lotto - twice; driving a Porsche ; having a personal trainer. Or two ; Champagne glass
Dangling on limp wrist , and a Filipino maid.- to refill it at her whim ; Oh Joyous !

‘Grey ’ is the colour who she who lacks my flamboyant ebullience
‘ Black’ is the colour of my little size zero numbers I have Five - And white is also in -So; get a life !


‘Soft ‘ is the light that falls on bent and sorrowed shoulders
‘ Harsh ‘ is the eye all that too hastily judges others less fortunate in life .
‘Joy’ is the sound of the new infant’s’ cry- that's all ;
simply that .

‘Black ‘ is the call who summons so wilfully , Envy into
The crypted walls of his or her entombed soul.

Yes , Envy .Hubris , Pride ,Covetousness
These too are cousins in a family
And let me not the killjoy of such
For I am just another feeble minded
Soul in search of that feel good factor

The one that tells us ; Do it , ‘Cos you’re worth it !.
But what worth has any against the evanescent ghost of time
She’ll surely elude , evade ,and; eventually mock
The hand that fed her ; and the hand that begs .

All equally ; and mercilessly in the end .

That’s life ; in all its cruel , raw and mockery

It 's Time that swings the pendulum of fashion

She dupes us all. And only keeps Elvis and Marilyn so close to her bosom.

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