Silver Lning

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beside the nettles that scorched and stung me as a child
there grew a leaf they called a 'doc-leaf'
which rubbed on the weal , abated the pain..
There is always something equally curative beside each of our trials and tribulations .
but you've got to look..

Submitted: October 20, 2009

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Submitted: October 20, 2009



Throw down each encumbrance in my way
It is what I’m here for

Where you find the mountain an impasse
I will magic it to a molehill in a moment

When every thing grates the tender nerve
And like a toothache brings you to your knees

When each nuisance whispered in huddled corners
And every mischievous uttered phrase carries only malice , to malign you

Seek me out in the whisper on the wind
In the sigh of the mornings first birdsong

I am there behind each problem which bewitches
You and scorches you with fresh torment

I am there ; but you must look for me; And ask my help
And I shall speed hastily to your side .

Like the doc-leaf that grows beside
The most pungent nettle

I too , flourish beside the vexations and the tribulations
And I await you on the fringes of your troubles .

They call me the Silver Lining
But I’d wish you’d see me as your comfort blanket

And I am there for that very purpose
To allay, abate; to protect ; enbalm.

To shine the torch into that chamber of your torment
And banish or ameliorate each and all your woes

I am shy but not elusive.; I am coy ,but dont play hard to get .
And so may often seem so hard to recognize and find .

But persevere ask seek me out
And I’ll endeavor

To treasure you
With your just reward

I am nearer than you think

And you are nearer than do I.

We can walk the road together ; you and me

'cos neither time nor trouble are my master ,

And neither should they either be yours

© Copyright 2017 donkylemore. All rights reserved.

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