Sleep Tenderly ; Through Your Passing Torment

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words trying to bring comfort to a spurned lover
when she decided to abandon love

Submitted: August 16, 2008

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Submitted: August 16, 2008



Sleep well tonight

Sleep sound; my cherished one ;


Cherish life as it is bestowed by God ;

And even if you didn’t ever ask for existence;

Cherish each moment you own –

For you only own it once.
Celebrate the charm of life;

And if the laughter follows tears;

And if sorrow must follows joy –

Treasure the soul you inhabit;

You are its only tenant;
And there is no hospitality
In the heart that’s closed;

And whether closed by bitterness or disappointment

Throw open the doors again

Even at the risk of hosting the loathed occasional intruder;

Who plunders the tenderness you’ve laid before him.

Think of that soulless place he is

Where no radiance shines,

No light escapes the gravitational force of the dark black hole of the spirit.

No moons swirl in the hollow mirthless monotonous clouds

No stars illuminate the oppressive sarcophagus

No rainbows drift on the hollow horizons

No gentle rain falls; no river sweeps its yearning meadows,

No corn grows in its barren field

No laughter of the lark sweetens its morning skies,

No pondering owl contemplates the trees in twilight.

No scampering rabbit across the furtive dunes

And no more light seeps above the horizon.

Let it pass, for the time we have is only on deposit somewhere in a timeless vault


Cherish the day; woo the night.

Feel the exuberance confined in every stone, and rock and mountain.

Celebrate the soaring skies, the moody winds,

The diversity and purpose of her rains,

And open your heart again to life’s mysteries,

For they are also in a vault;

Waiting for your investment.

And the managed fund is in the hands of God.


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